Liquid Routing Changes Everything
Dramatically improve the flow of communications, applications, files and workloads.
Get the performance and Service level agreements of dedicated lines with cloud provisioning ease and cost.
Deutsche Telekom
Teridion enters a strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom
Teridion selected as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Enhanced Internet Services and Cloud Connectivity

How can you backup your data in a fraction of the time?

Improve throughput by maximizing your bandwidth utilization.

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The Teridion Liquid Network
Availability flow and performance gain 24/7 global network operations center
Liquid metal routes optimized for faster network flow
Global Points-of-Presence Including China
Teridion liquid network solutions

A secure, elastic WAN solution, designed for enterprise site, remote worker and cloud workload connectivity.


Agile solution for the remote workforce.


High-performance WAN solution for Mainland China.

Open, Hyperscale Architecture
Teridion’s Liquid Network utilizes a multi-cloud architecture to deliver high-performance, real-time traffic scaling. With over 25 cloud providers, this unified solution delivers global availability, including inside-outside Mainland China.
Adopted by Tier 1 Service Providers

Upgrade your enterprise connectivity offering. Liquid routing brings Carrier-Grade WAN-as-a-Service to your customers. Teridion delivers an intelligent MPLS replacement to your portfolio.

Secure, Frictionless Provisioning

Liquid routing is not only fast to connect, but fast to deploy. It works with any edge device. Network provisioning in hours, user provisioning in minutes.

A Global MPLS Replacement

Teridion’s cutting-edge AI technology guarantees high- performance connectivity anywhere in the world. It is tailored to fit all enterprise needs, including site connectivity, support for highly-regulated countries, remote user connectivity, and distributed cloud workloads. Get the MPLS experience affordably and quickly.

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Teridion Liquid Network