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Teridion is a Network-as-a-Service Provider. 
Teridion guarantees MPLS-level SLAs of Stable performance. Teridion works anywhere, including mainland China, and is compatible with any edge device. 

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Teridion selected as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Enhanced Internet Services and Cloud Connectivity

With the right value proposition for Enterprises, CSPs, MSPs and SaaS, no wonder Gartner analyst thinks we’re cool. This is what Gartner’s analyst said about us:

“Teridion can improve the performance of traffic over the internet, especially when traversing long distances across multiple ISPs. With SD-WAN leading to growing use of the internet as a WAN transport medium, the performance variability of connections traversing long distances (and therefore typically traversing multiple ISPs) has become a huge challenge. Teridion implements a global internet overlay network, currently with more than 500 POPs that supplants the normal BGP routing protocol, with its own protocol that minimizes packet loss and latency. It also can spin up a new POP in minutes. 

This overlay works regardless of the access ISPs being used, allowing users the freedom to pick the providers of their choice for each location. It is also independent of the SD-WAN technology being used, allowing users choice of SD-WAN vendor (and is recommended by several SD-WAN vendors including Cisco Meraki, Citrix and Silver Peak).

Teridion is easy for managed network service providers who lack their own backbone networks to incorporate into their managed service offerings, allowing them to compete more effectively with large global carriers. 

The Teridion service can also be used to improve the performance of internet-facing applications such as SaaS services, either for enterprises consuming these services or for the providers offering SaaS services but not wishing to deploy large numbers of instances of the application globally. It is used to accelerate several well-known SaaS services, such as Box.”

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Teridion’s Multi-Cloud Platform for Enterprise

Teridion is a superior cloud-based global connectivity platform. Teridion’s platform delivers a high-performance Network-as-a-Service, SLA Guaranteed. The solution works with any edge device and is easy to scale and setup, with no hardware or software required.


 MOS improvement for UCaaS applications


Latency reduction

Delivers Faster

And more throughput


Global points
of presence

Teridion works with any edge device.

Our preferred partners:

Embed Teridion for Enterprise into your solution: CSPs and MSPs

Give your customers the connectivity they need, with Teridion’s reliably fast WAN solution. Teridion works with any edge solution and easily integrates with other backend solutions. Teridion solve middle-mile, performance-critical issues.

Teridion for SaaS

When fast file transfer is absolutely essential, Teridion’s turnkey service automatically scales to traffic demands, and ensures that routes are always performing at maximum optimization, bringing you 15X more  throughput versus public Internet.

Teridion for China

Teridion’s network is truly global: If you have business in China, we will deliver superior connectivity, better than any other SD-WAN solution. Fast, Compliant, Cost-Effective SD-WAN Service for Mainland China.

How fast can your connection be?

See how Teridion’s connectivity fares vs. the Internet

Why enterprises choose Teridion

Superior Performance

With over 500 points of presence,
you get faster, reliable, high quality service

MPLS-like SLAs without
the price tag

 Guaranteed MPLS-like SLAS,
without the cumbersome
installment of a costly solution

Cost Savings

No need to install new hardware
or software. Flexible, cost saving
payment models

Unlimited Scalability

Easy to set-up and activate – works with any edge device. AI/AI-based network supports unlimited traffic volumes

Better Security, For Less

E2E, fully encrypted network. A multi-cloud solution with hundreds of paths worldwide

Experience the new world of enterprise connectivity

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