AliCloud – Teridion’s Newest Global Cloud Network Partner

Team Teridion

Today Teridion announced the expansion of our Global Cloud Network (GCN) into AliCloud, the cloud computing arm of the Alibaba Group.   This new deployment further expands the reach of our cloud-optimized routing platform, offering additional flexibility and performance to our customers and more than 700 million Internet users in China.

AliCloud joins AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, NTT Communications, IBM SoftLayer, and others as a global platform for the Teridion service. We are expanding quickly and this expansion benefits our customers in two ways.

First off, they now have access to major metropolitan areas in China, providing their end-users with localized on-ramps to the Teridion GCN.   This will, of course, create a better user experience for our customers, spanning all types of cloud-based companies, including enterprise file sharing, backup and restore, financial services, ad-serving networks, as well as voice and video.

A second benefit is for companies based in China requiring connectivity to other regions.  They may now take advantage of the Teridion GCN, and in locations where there is not yet any AliCloud presence, services may easily terminate on another cloud operator while maintaining the user experience they enjoy via our cloud network.

This multi-cloud capability is core to the Teridion solution, where our management system selects the optimal path for user traffic independent of the cloud provider. Looking to the future, AliCloud will be working with us to help prospects navigate the China cloud landscape in establishing their presence in-country.

We deploy our virtual routers via AliCloud’s Elastic Compute Service.   This permits us to scale both CPUs and memory based on expected load.   Our Teridion Management System API permits us to create and tear-down Teridion Cloud Virtual Routers on-demand.  Over time, we expect to utilize other AliCloud products.

So join me in welcoming AliCloud to our family. When I think about building and bringing to market the Teridion solution, a famous proverb comes to mind – “All things are difficult before they are easy.” To add to this, we’re also having a lot of fun while creating a great partner network and customer base.  We will be back with more updates soon.

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