Beating the Heat with Decentralized Networks

Last week, 40°C temperatures in the United Kingdom led to outages for both Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. The companies were concerned that the record-breaking temperatures could cause the data-center cooling systems to fail. In an effort to prevent permanent damage to their hardware components, the companies shut down equipment, leading to cloud outages. At […]

The Teridion Liquid Network Changes Everything

Liquid [lik-wid] adjective Having a flowing quality without harshness or abrupt breaks.   Able to respond to pressure, maintaining a constant result across a network.  Adaptive and can respond rapidly to changes in supply and demand. Today we are introducing the Teridion Liquid Network. This change is more significant than a name change. It marks […]

Struggling with Cloud Connectivity? You’re Not Alone

Poor Cloud Connectivity can be a genuine pain According to a recent survey by BDO, which was commissioned by Teridion and conducted of 200 IT decision-makers in multiple sectors around the globe, cloud connectivity challenges were the top concern for respondents. Among the conclusions of the survey, high-performance cloud connectivity is a growing need for […]

The Challenge of China

With over a billion people, low-cost manufacturing, and a robust business ecosystem, China represents opportunity for enterprises around the world. However, political differences have led to communication challenges on both sides of the Great Wall. China’s Great Firewall does more than prevent Chinese users from accessing online tools and sites, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  […]

A tale of two enterprises during the BGP hijack event

Imagine this: Last week two similar enterprises started their business day the same way…and for one of them the day ended very differently… For one, connectivity just…stopped. The other one had Teridion. This is a sliding door moment – your connectivity solution choice can impact what your day looks like. This isn’t a movie, though. Last week […]

The great passage through the connectivity maze in China

Much has changed in the enterprise connectivity industry in the last decade. MPLS has given way to SD-WAN, but some things remain the same. Enterprises still need global connectivity and China continues to remain a mystery.   Developing economy alongside complex challenges Since opening up to foreign trade and investment and implementing free-market reforms in […]

The new site is wherever your employee’s WiFi is

How the changes in the work world affect enterprise connectivity Even before 2020, more and more enterprises saw a rise in remote work. The global pandemic only accelerated this trend. A Gartner survey found that 80% of companies plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time after the pandemic, and […]

Why you are underutilizing your SDWAN, and what to do about it

SDWAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is no longer the new kid on the block. It’s been around for several years, proving to be a solid, albeit not perfect, alternative to MPLS where it is deemed too expensive or complex to utilize the gold-standard solution. Since they were first introduced in 2014, SDWAN solutions have […]