How to Avoid a Mass Outage – Facebook’s Use Case

Avoiding a Single Point of Failure Billions of people and businesses around the world were lately touched by the outage across all platforms of Facebook. The outage had influenced not only Facebook, but also WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and even Oculus. These vital communications platforms, used by a mass of people and service providers globally, were […]

How to Get VIP Network Access for Your Enterprise

Introducing Site-to-Cloud SLA-based Network Nowadays there is a growing need for a reliable connectivity solution with high availability. Since post-Covid workloads exceed any previous use of online cloud services, providing optimal routing becomes a key factor. Many enterprises worldwide seek for an effective solution that would make the connectivity process simple and efficient, provided in a […]

How to Cross That Tricky WAN River?

Photo by Tomas Andreopoulos  Using Teridion’s site connectivity service to reach your destination Imagine you are road-tripping, carrying a massive backpack with valuable belongings, when suddenly you are facing a stormy river. To cross that river, you must face two options – either cross it by walking on top of slippery river rocks, taking the […]

Active-Active Tunnels

Why you should no longer trust the Internet’s Mood for your sites and applications One can only assume the many times your sites and business applications have been affected by network factors due to the ‘Internet’s Mood’, such as outages, gateway’s bandwidth limitations, sudden congestion by load spikes, link failures, infrastructure, and Internet Service Provider […]

The Multi Cloud Synergy for Networks

Is your enterprise infrastructure ready for the next connectivity outage? Fastly is a CDN (content delivery network) cloud services platform, delivering content storage for some of the world’s biggest content platforms. This Tuesday (June 8) a failed service configuration disrupted their global POPs (point of presence) which caused a major internet connection outage as users […]

The fastest way to boost your VPN connection

From health pandemic to connectivity crisis  The Covid-19 pandemic created a global health crisis which immediately increased the need for remote access for millions of employees across the world who had to work remotely from home. Until then, for many companies, VPN infrastructure was not designed to handle so many active users at the same […]