Message from Teridion's New CEO

I’d like to say a few words about why I joined Teridion. I see networking as the next frontier for Cloud. As more services are hosted in the cloud, user experience and business productivity is increasingly dependent on interactions over the Internet, but with uncertain performance. The network enables, but it can also severely handicap. Teridion’s unique approach to accelerating traffic, rather than caching it, elegantly ensures that modern, personalized applications perform well for users everywhere,

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Internet Application Trends in the Chinese Market

China represents a tremendous business opportunity for the application providers who can tap into its market. China is the most populous nation on Earth and 53% of its 1.4 billion people have access to the Internet. That percentage will grow to 66% by the 2020 or beyond as the country expands its web and mobile infrastructure, according to Cisco’s VNI report. Mobile growth is outpacing overall web users, with 95.1% of users accessing the Internet from mobile devices.

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Which Website Metrics Matter Most to Users?

Porg Teaches Us Why TTLB (Time to Last Byte) Beats TTFB (Time to First Byte)

In honor of the new Star Wars movie, I planned a DIY project with my five kids (yes, I have five!). We figured out parts and material and were ready to dive in. However, first I had to order some parts from a Chinese website, and pay extra for a rush order. We were excited to get the first package from Amazon Prime the very next day!

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Net Neutrality Threatened: The End of the Open Internet?

Our engineers have developed technology to make the Internet work faster and better for SaaS providers and their consumers, so of course we care deeply about policy that affects the Internet, and we want to contribute to constructive discussions about policy.

In September we co-hosted an exclusive Internet Influencers gathering for our customers along with NS1, and we invited outgoing FCC Chief Technology Officer Scott Jordan to address the group on the important topic of net neutrality.

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10 Internet Performance Myths Debunked!

“You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet,” said Abraham Lincoln. Remember, also, not to believe everything you hear about the Internet.  At Teridion, we debunk common Internet performance myths every day. Instead, we provide a reality check.

In case you missed it, read our blog series to learn why you and your customers don’t have to settle for slow and inadequate performance.

Continuing to believe in these Internet performance myths comes at the cost of a consistently great,

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