SD-WAN and UCaaS: Perfectly Imperfect For Each Other

UCaaS and SD-WAN: Strange Bedfellows


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has been on an accelerated growth path the past couple of years, with vendors like RingCentral, Dialpad, 8×8, and others aggressively growing and converting premises-based phone system customers to Internet based VoIP and collaboration solutions. There are wild fluctuations in analyst estimates of the total market size, partially due to a lack of consensus over exactly what qualifies as “UCaaS”, but all available research agrees that the market is growing fast.

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Application Optimization and Customer Retention

Retaining SaaS customers with application optimization



The worldwide SaaS market is growing at a prodigious rate, and thanks to an increasingly mobile workforce and the potential for meaningful collaboration around the globe, collaboration and productivity apps are powering a lot of that growth. Particularly in these highly personalized and interactive areas, a positive and engaging user experience is key to keeping your customers. In this post we’ll explore the relationship between application performance and customer retention,

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There’s More To Cloud Than Just Compute: How Cloud Networking Can Drive Application Performance

Application Performance In The Cloud



Not very long ago, I could have started this blog post by declaring that “enterprises and service providers are moving to cloud”. But now, the transition to cloud that has been foretold, prognosticated about, and tracked feverishly by the industry is… well, it’s done. A recent study found that 96 percent of enterprises had adopted public cloud computing, and not in a half-hearted way either.

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Pushing the Limits Of Internet Performance

I love extreme sports. I snowboard and I am a former professional skydiver (yep, that’s me in the blue and white). While watching the Winter Olympics I saw Chloe Kim’s amazing halfpipe runs and realized that she was doing things that not long ago were considered impossible. In the recent past a 1080 flip was considered impossible, but now snowboarders can execute a 1260, and even a 1440 flip- that’s 4 complete turns in the air!

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