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Teridion’s AI WAN Changes Everything

Teridion’s AI WAN Changes Everything

Smart AI [lik-wid]


  1. Having a flowing quality without harshness or abrupt breaks.
  2. Able to respond to pressure, maintaining a constant result across a network.
  3. Adaptive and can respond rapidly to changes in supply and demand.

Today we are introducing the Teridion’s AI WAN. This change is more significant than a name change. It marks the volume scaling of more than ten years of engineering work and customer feedback and success. And we think that it marks the day when fixed MPLS lines will no longer be needed. This will be done with the Teridion’s AI WAN serving that market faster and more cost competitively. Smart AI Network is changing everything. And it’s just the beginning.

Why Smart AI?

The Teridion’s AI WAN is truly Smart AI. It adapts to the user and the available resources around the world. We span the globe with over 25 of the world’s largest cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and Google. We’ve established over 500 global points of presence – orders of magnitude larger than any single cloud provider. We have over 2000 Smart AI routers deployed across public and private cloud data centers around the world.

It’s adaptive and intelligent. The routing algorithms are tuned for single or combinatorial workloads finding the most suitable resources available to route workloads. Our load-balancing algorithms ensure that service levels are met regardless of demand peaks – from availability to throughput to jitter parameter optimization.

It’s responsive. We’ve optimized our workload-to-Smart AI router proximity and performance sensing algorithms to determine branch and user topology every 3 seconds. And we orchestrate workloads centrally with secure (IPSEC) connectivity that features historical performance indexing. The network knows where it’s been historically and can see what’s happening situationally.

It’s frictionless. We offer easy SaaS provisioning — users are bulk onboarded in hours and devices are provisioned in minutes. It leverages any existing SD-WAN/security infrastructures without SSL key sharing. It works with or without existing on-premise devices. And it’s affordable with volume user pricing at less than a good cup of coffee per month.

It’s open and scalable. We are built on an elastic network architecture for real-time traffic scaling. We serve over 100+TB of daily traffic in our fully-redundant network. And our unified solution meets all regulations inside and outside of China.

It’s flexible. We support the flow of communications and remote work with jitter SLAs for the best voice and video communication. We support the flow of work with latency and throughput SLAs to meet demanding SaaS and file transfer requirements.

It’s accountable. Like fixed MPLS lines, we deliver 99.99% availability backed by our global SLAs.

And finally, it’s available to enterprises worldwide. With our telecommunications partners -including, but not limited to, Deutsche Telekom– we are provisioning new customers every week. Customers with remote workers who need to confidently communicate and collaborate with their coworkers and customers. Customers with high-performance SaaS applications need to support large volumes of transactions globally. And customers with large file transfer requirements from architectural drawings to video renderings. These new customers know the flow of the Teridion’s AI WAN.

You and your business are welcome to Know the Flow of Teridion as well. To find out more, contact our team here.