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Accucam pushes connectivity across the Great Firewall with  Teridion China

A Teridion Case Study

Accucam’s China-based manufacturing plant faced connectivity challenges with its global offices and cloud services due to China’s Great Firewall. Teridion’s China connectivity solution provided a high-performance, compliant connection, replacing traditional routing protocols and resulting in a reliable, stable, and fast IPsec-based international internet connection. This transformation significantly improved connectivity between Accucam’s facilities in China and Canada, meeting all goals and enhancing overall performance.

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About Accucam

Accucam is a full-service components supplier for a diverse range of industries: Construction, Material Handling, Agriculture, Commercial, Defense, Forestry, Rail/Transportation, and other industrial applications. Founded in 1987, the Canada-based organization serves as a strategic partner to world-class OEMs, using its advanced capabilities in engineering and design to provide global supply management solutions.

The Challenge with China Connectivity

Accucam’s China-based manufacturing plant requires site-to-site connectivity to its Canadian headquarters, as well as to other company sites around the world. In addition, the Chinese-based office needs to connect to cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Epicor, a SaaS-based ERP hosted on Azure Canada.

China’s Great Firewall makes it challenging to connect to company sites and SaaS services, hurting productivity. While Accucam’s IT department developed creative  workarounds, such as connecting employees in China to Epicor ERP via a web browser, the web version was slow and lacked all the features within the standalone application. 

Accucam required a more holistic approach to its China connectivity issues. It needed a solution that offers a fast, reliable, stable internet connection for both site-to-site and site-to-cloud connectivity while adhering to Chinese regulations.

“It has been great having the DCs in sync. It’s also a pleasure to work on our China subnet over a stable, well-performing internet connection.”

Teridion’s Connectivity Solution for China

Teridion’s China solution delivers a high-performance service that provides fully compliant access to mainland China. Teridion’s global cloud underlay network, with over 500 points of presence (POPs) sitting on 25 public clouds, replaces the typical BGP routing protocol with a service that minimizes packet loss and latency.

Teridion’s network formed a connection between the manufacturing facility in China and the headquarters in Canada. Additionally, it created a direct connection between the China plant and the Azure cloud in Canada to provide high-speed support and access to Microsoft 365, Active Directory, and Epicor ERP services.

Network diagram describing the Teridion solution

The Global Network Connectivity Challenge

Teridion’s network established a reliable, stable, and fast IPsec-based international internet connection with a carrier-grade SLA. The new connectivity tunnels enabled Accucam to meet all its connectivity goals.
  • Provide a stable, high-performance connectivity solution between the company’s manufacturing plant in Qingdao, China, to the North American Epicor SaaS environment on Azure.
  • Improve the existing IPsec tunnel, which was often either down or too slow to use.
Teridion transformed the spotty service Accucam was experiencing into a model, high-functioning connection between China and Canada.
Download Full Case Study
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Accucam pushes connectivity across the Great Firewall with  Teridion China
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