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Thru improves customer experience, creates new revenue streams, and consolidates data centers with Teridion network

A Teridion Case Study

Thru faced a connectivity challenge with slow customer performance in parts of Asia, particularly China, risking sales loss. Teridion’s Internet overlay network offered a solution by intelligently routing traffic over the Internet Backbone, resulting in 20x faster uploads, a better global customer experience, and significant cost savings through decommissioning a data center in Hong Kong.

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Thru Inc. Fast Facts:


Dell, Bayer,
Carnival, ABinBev


5,000 in 170+ countries


1m+ users transfer
billions of files
every year


#1 in 2024 for 'easiest to use' MFT by

About Thru Inc.

Thru provides enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration tools to do business anywhere and from any device. With over 20 years of experience in developing solutions to empower the global workforce, Thru has put security and usability at the heart of its design philosophy.

Thru’s promise to businesses is to exchange files seamlessly without compromising security or radically altering existing file transfer workflows.

The Connectivity Challenge

Thru runs cloud data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Despite having this global presence, Thru found that customers located in China and other parts of Asia were experiencing slow performance and losing sales as a result.

  • Adding Asian data center was seen as too costly and complex
  • Uploads could not be accelerated with CDN caching

“Teridion gave us better customer performance globally. This allowed us to decommission a data center in Hong Kong resulting in significant cost savings. But most importantly, Teridion helped us provide better service to our customers.”

Teridion’s Solution: Routing Over Internet Backbone

Thru needed an intelligent way to route traffic around congested or poorly performing networks within the Internet Backbone. They first looked at a CDN-based solution, but found the proposed solution did not improve internet performance satisfactorily and forced them to make unacceptable compromises on security. After a Teridion proof of concept demonstrated significant performance gains for key Thru customers, Thru deployed Teridion’s Internet overlay network to gain control and visibility over how traffic was being routed over the Internet Backbone.

Results of Integrating Teridion’s Overlay Network

Teridion was able to steer Thru’s traffic around congested networks delivering 20x faster uploads to ensure an outstanding customer experience. The ability to service their global customer base from a single data center meant they could both avoid building new data centers as well as consolidate existing ones. Thru is now using Teridion to power a premium feature under the brand name OptiSPEED.

“Teridion provides Thru with global traffic acceleration which provides a consistent customer experience worldwide from a set of regional Thru data centers. Because of Teridion, Thru has been able to avoid building new data centers for the purpose of improving transfer speeds and started consolidating existing, unnecessary data centers.”

Download Full Case Study
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