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Upthere creates a cloud storage service that’s twice as fast as 
their competitors with Teridion

A Teridion Case Study

Upthere aimed to enhance personal storage by overcoming Internet congestion affecting performance. Faced with issues of control, high costs from multiple PoPs, and the need for global consistency, they turned to Teridion. By consolidating PoPs into a single data center and implementing Teridion’s solution, Upthere achieved double the speed of competitors, improved customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and increased ROI.

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About Upthere

Upthere is a cloud storage service designed to be the one home for your personal data—photos, videos, music, and documents. With Upthere Home you can use any device to save, view, search, organize, and share anything from your Upthere account.

The End-to-End Internet Challenge

Upthere’s mission is to deliver the world’s best personal storage experience. This requires giving their customers the fastest possible uploads, downloads and streams. Unfortunately, Upthere realized they had no control over the customer experience when congestion across the Internet Backbone impacted performance.

Upthere needed to improve end-to-end Internet throughput to accelerate content uploads and downloads to global end users. At the same time, they need to drastically reduce costs associated with maintaining multiple points of presence.
  • Customer Experience: Lack of control over Internet routing impacted performance
  • Control: Needed consistent global performance while minimizing regional PoPs
  • Costs: Maintaining five PoPs was expensive with respect to infrastructure and staff

“Previously, to address performance problems we relied on regional PoPs, which meant big investments in infrastructure and people. With Teridion and a simple CNAME DNS change, we can approach the problem in a much simpler and cost-effective way.”

Teridion’s Network Performance Solution

Upthere attempted to resolve their performance issues by building five regional PoPs. Although this allowed them to move data physically closer to their customers, this strategy also increased IT costs and business complexity. Using Teridion’s Internet Overlay Network, Upthere was able to exceed their customer’s expectations with a transparent CNAME change. This enabled Upthere to consolidate five PoPs into a single data center from which they could serve their entire customer base.

Results of Teridion’s Network Performance Optimization

Teridion helped Upthere resolve their connectivity challenges, creating notable gains in terms of business objectives. Most significantly, Upthere was able to create a service that was twice as fast as their competitors. This led to an increase in customer satisfaction, resulting in reduced churn and more service upgrades. In addition, Upthere was able to save money and increase ROI by consolidating PoPs and serving their global customer base from a single data center.

“Teridion finds the fast path through the Internet, helping us create a service that is twice as fast as our competitors.”

Download Full Case Study
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