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Team Teridion

If you haven’t heard the news about Teridion for Enterprise, today, November 7th, we’ve announced our new public cloud based WAN service for enterprises of all sizes. In conjunction with this announcement, we have also announced our new channel program. We’ve spent a great deal of thought working through how best to build our program, and I am proud to say we have a program that is simple in structure, but rich in benefits.

The Teridion Partner Program is designed for value added resellers and master agents with a networking and/or SD-WAN practice or service offering. Our public cloud WAN service complements and expands on branch WAN gateway and SD-WAN capabilities to solve key WAN problems for enterprise customers. We’ve focused on addressing the following areas:

MPLS replacement with a carrier grade SLA – One of the challenges enterprises have with SD-WAN MPLS “alternatives” is the lack of a strong SLA. SD-WAN combined with the Teridion public cloud WAN service gives your enterprise customers the confidence and support they need to move to low cost, highly scalable, high bandwidth broadband Internet, that’s both fast and easy to deploy.

Improving SaaS application performance and cloud workload performance – Teridion’s virtual network spans the networks of 25 of the world’s leading public cloud providers, which enables us to bring the same acceleration from the WAN to the public cloud. File transfers and bidirectional, transaction-heavy applications can be accelerated from 2x to 20x faster than the public Internet, globally.

Accelerating site to site performance – Many key SD-WAN capabilities, like forward error correction and dynamic path selection, help improve reliability, but in some cases do so at the expense of reduced throughput. Teridion’s public cloud based WAN service has WAN optimization running in-network, and is capable of accelerating traffic between sites anywhere from 2X to 20X, globally.

Opportunities For You

  • Build or increase your recurring revenue stream.
  • Re-engage your base with a new offering that solves common customer WAN problems
  • Expand your addressable market and target customer base – the service is both complementary and additive with a broad range of branch office routers, WAN gateways, or SD-WAN infrastructure.
  • Differentiate yourself from other resellers or master agents selling the same product lines that you do.
  • Deliver a complete WAN solution and differentiate from your competitors by offering your preferred SD-WAN solution integrated with Teridion’s cloud-based WAN service

What Our Partners Are Saying

“With Teridion for Enterprise, Wanify can offer our customers a complete WAN service. Customers can now have circuit-grade Internet performance without the complexity and cost of MPLS, and SaaS and cloud application acceleration all in one service. We look forward to offering the service to our customers and prospects as it checks all the boxes.”

– Nick Prosser, Co-founder of Wanify

“Teridion for Enterprise maximizes application performance, site-to-site network performance, and solves the challenges companies have with an Internet-based network. It solves problems that stand-alone VPN and MPLS network solutions can’t. This product is a game changer.”

– Clark Atwood, President of Concierge Core Services.

To learn more about the program or to join, visit our Channel Partners page.


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