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03 Apr 2023

5 Keys to Quickly Achieve Unparalleled China Connectivity

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Sharon Duchin
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China’s complex and highly regulated network infrastructure (aka “the great firewall”) presents a unique set of challenges for global enterprises operating in the country. Traditional Edge, SASE and Security solutions may struggle to deliver optimal performance due to congestion, packet loss, and high latency on the “mid mile” – the part of the network between the local ISPs and the international gateways. In this blog post, we explore five ways in which Teridion, a cloud-based Network-as-a-Service provider, can enhance your existing service to achieve unparalleled connectivity performance in China.

#1  Optimize Routing for Mid-Mile Traffic

One of the biggest challenges enterprises face in China is congestion and latency on the mid-mile. Teridion’s AI-based algorithms and global cloud infrastructure optimize routing for mid-mile traffic, providing reliable and consistent performance for mission-critical applications and services. This results in faster application performance, higher reliability, and greater uptime.

#2  Improve Network Capacity and Reliability

Limited connectivity options in China can pose significant challenges for enterprises. Teridion’s cloud-based service provides additional network capacity and reliability, ensuring that your applications and services have the necessary resources to function optimally. With Teridion, you can achieve the desired level of network performance and availability to support your operations in China.

#3  Enhance Security and Compliance

China’s strict cybersecurity laws and regulations make it difficult for global enterprises to maintain compliance and protect sensitive data. Teridion’s cloud-based service enhances security by encrypting traffic, proactively maintaining compliance with industry standards, and protecting data privacy.

#4  Overcome Language and Cultural Barriers

Communication challenges due to language and cultural barriers can be a significant hurdle for enterprises operating in China. Teridion’s global team of experts has extensive experience in China’s networking landscape, and can effectively communicate with local partners, vendors, and customers. By leveraging Teridion’s expertise, you can overcome language and cultural barriers to communicate effectively with local stakeholders.

#5  Achieve Global Network Optimization

Achieving global network optimization is challenging due to the fragmented and complex network infrastructure across different regions. Teridion’s solution utilizes a global network of virtual routers deployed across Points of Presence (POPs) around the world. These virtual routers use Teridion’s proprietary algorithms to intelligently route traffic across the optimal path, minimizing latency and packet loss. Teridion’s POPS are strategically located to provide the necessary coverage to support enterprise operations across the globe, and the use of virtual routers ensures that traffic is always routed through the best possible path. Additionally, Teridion’s solution provides real-time network analytics and monitoring, allowing for quick detection and resolution of any network issues.

In conclusion, China’s great firewall presents significant challenges for global enterprises. Using Teridion’s cloud-based Network-as-a-Service, enterprises can safely get past this firewall to enhance their existing Edge, SASE or Security service and achieve superior connectivity in China. Whether your organization currently uses Zscaler, Fortinet, Cisco and anything in between, Teridion’s expertise in global networking, optimization, and security makes it the ideal partner for enterprises looking to establish and maintain operations in China.

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Picture of Sharon Duchin
Sharon Duchin

Head of Marketing

Sharon Duchin is the Head of Marketing at Terdion. Prior to joining Teridion she was the CMO of several startups, as well as a Business Unit Manager at Keter Plastic and a Marketing Manager at General Mills USA. Sharon Holds an MBA from Chicago Booth and a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Economics from the Hebrew University.
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