Teridion: The Global CLOUD WAN service

Teridion: The Global CLOUD WAN service

Teridion Is WAN Performance

Teridion is a WAN service built on the public cloud, with fast setup, global coverage, unbounded bandwidth and horizontal scale. We deliver circuit-like WAN performance and reliability with the speed and scale of the cloud to enterprises and SaaS providers worldwide.

Our Cloud WAN Service doesn’t try to replicate or replace the Internet with a costly, cumbersome, and scale-limited private network. We build on the strengths of the Internet while eliminating its weaknesses with Teridion Curated Routing.

Teridion Curated Routing fuses proven WAN acceleration techniques with real-time metric driven route optimization to eliminate a fundamental problem with Internet routing: its inability to make routing decisions based on performance. Teridion’s orchestrator ingests real time WAN performance data along with measured throughput, loss, and latency from across the backbone networks of over 25 public cloud providers.

Our auto-optimizing, self-healing network identifies the best performing routes possible, instantiating cloud routers wherever needed to realize the routes, and then automatically adjusts those routes as conditions change. The benefit for the enterprise is universal: all site-to-site, site-to-SaaS, and site-to-cloud-workload traffic is uniformly, radically improved with Teridion.




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VP Global Sales



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VP Products and Marketing



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VP Engineering

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VP Operations



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VP Finance


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Join our team of innovators!

Career Opportunities

Join our team of innovators!

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