Donnelley Financial Deploys Teridion’s Cloud WAN Service

Team Teridion

Today, Donnelley Financial announced that they selected Teridion’s Cloud WAN Service to enhance Venue, their award-winning virtual data room offer (you can check out their press release here).

We’re excited! At Teridion, we love helping our customers make their customers happy. Data rooms are a big part of Merger & Acquisition due diligence processes. In the world of M&A, speed is critical and deals are global, and customers demand that their file download and upload performance be fast, reliable and consistent no matter where they are in the world. Donnelley Financial needed to ensure that as a best-of-breed solution, Venue was delivering superior performance everywhere.

Internet Performance And SaaS

To make this happen, they had to battle with the core inefficiencies of the global Internet. Internet backbone providers use least-cost routing, which is the process of selecting the path traffic will take along the Internet Backbone based on the lowest cost, with no regard to performance. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), the routing protocol of the Internet, dictates that traffic between two networks will always take the same path regardless of network congestion. When you combine these factors with the poor infrastructure and suspect peering relationships that are particularly prevalent in certain geographies, the Internet can ruin the performance of your SaaS application.

Teridion’s Cloud WAN Service

This is where Teridion’s Cloud WAN Service comes into the picture. Partnering with over 25 public cloud providers, we deploy thousands of sensors around the world that collect real-time Internet performance and reachability data. These feed our multi-cloud orchestrator, which uses machine learning driven algorithms to determine the fastest possible route and then instantiates virtual routers, which accelerate application traffic, on the fly wherever necessary to follow it. After that, we automatically, predictively modify the route, routing traffic around congestion and outages by spinning up new routers in real time as needed. The combination of routing optimization and protocol acceleration enable us to provide our customers with highly reliable networks that can increase throughput by at least 2X to 5X regular public Internet performance.

We all had big smiles on our faces as Donnelley realized those performance gains right away. Deploying Teridion is as easy as making a CNAME change and the results are immediate. No code changes, hardware, or software was needed.

Performance is critical, but just as important is security. Venue boasts world-class cyber-security and data protection, and Teridion imposed no changes on Donnelley’s security profile. We don’t cache customer data, or require SSL sharing. Data in motion stays in motion and end-to-end encryption is maintained.

And while Venue users will enjoy high-performance, accelerated access to cloud-based content courtesy of Teridion, they don’t even know we’re there. From their perspective, Donnelley’s great virtual data room solution got even better overnight.

Interested in finding out more about how Teridion can supercharge the performance of your SaaS app? Schedule a short briefing session with us, or just try us out!

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