How Thru Inc Fixed Internet Congestion to Increase Revenue and Cut Data Centers

Team Teridion

Thru Inc is an Irving, Texas-based enterprise file sync and share company with a global customer base. Blazing fast service – especially for file uploads – is a key reason customers choose Thru.

Poor Internet performance, bad customer experience

However, as Thru and many other SaaS providers have discovered, delivering a fast experience to global, isn’t always a straightforward journey. Why? Because SaaS applications have no control or visibility over where and how their traffic is routed over the Internet. This is commonly known as the “Internet Backbone Problem.” In a nutshell, poor performance the farther you get from the origin server has to do with least cost routing and use of the BGP protocol. To be fair, these are things no one can control, they are “just the way things are.” That is until Thru discovered Teridion.

How about CDNs or POPs to improve performance?

Prior to Teridion, Thru attempted to get around the “Internet Backbone Problem” by looking at CDN vendor solutions, but quickly eliminated CDNs because of security concerns. Thru ended up building Points of Presence (POPs) in North America, Europe and Asia, to essentially replicating data centers and moving them closer to the end users. The cost of these data centers reached into the millions of dollars and that is before considering the business complexity of managing multiple sites. Yet despite having this global presence, Thru still found that customers located in China and other parts of Asia were still experiencing slow performance. They figured there had to be a better solution than embarking on building still more data centers in China.

Teridion accelerates the Thru platform’s data transfers on global networks by 20x via intelligent routing over the inefficient segments of the Internet.

— Sergey Arutiunov, CTO – Thru

Speed and security, without compromises

Teridion Kumo-X is the only proven alternative to building POPs that can deliver a faster experience to end users at a significantly lower cost and complexity. With a simple CNAME change, Thru routed end user traffic across the Teridion virtual network. Teridion intelligently routes traffic around the Internet Backbone to find the fastest and most consistent routes for data transfers between any two points on the globe using a minimum set of origin servers. In a nutshell, why bring the data closer to users when you can bring it to them faster?

The end result

Teridion’s virtual network routed Thru’s traffic to avoid Internet Backbone congestion and deliver 20x faster uploads. That enabled Thru to ensure outstanding customer experience with zero compromises to security. Thru’s ability to service their global customer base from a single data center meant they could avoid building new data centers, while also consolidating existing ones. The speed improvements were so compelling that Thru is now offering their customers a premium offering under the brand name OptiSPEED, based on Teridion.

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