How to Get VIP Network Access for Your Enterprise

How to Get VIP Network Access for Your Enterprise

Introducing Site-to-Cloud SLA-based Network

Nowadays there is a growing need for a reliable connectivity solution with high availability. Since post-Covid workloads exceed any previous use of online cloud services, providing optimal routing becomes a key factor. Many enterprises worldwide seek for an effective solution that would make the connectivity process simple and efficient, provided in a timely manner.

Since in the current era our workloads move to the online space, it is important to find a WAN solution that will enable effective online collaboration and communication with no less than 99.99% availability. The common solution of using a single vendor is simply not enough due to vendor lock. The vendors’ global coverage is limited and pricey, and reliance on a single vendor reduces reliability. Over time, reliance on a single vendor may result in an amount of data, that is simply too massive to migrate and will result in high costs.

Today there are several tools that the tier1 cloud vendors offer to improve your workload connectivity. However, efficient cloud-based strategies must also include an optimal routing solution. Optimal route enables seamless traffic distribution with the highest available connectivity performance for enterprises.

The questions that infrastructure experts face today demand optimal routing for millions of enterprises worldwide. Teridion effectively solves this problem with an exclusive, site-to-cloud SLA-based network, creating a unique “VIP Club” for enterprises. Teridion’s Network-as-a-Service for Enterprises offers private cloud connectivity services and SLA with reduced packet loss (less than <0.1%). This SLA-based network is compatible with any edge device with global footprint of cloud points of presence, which ensures maximized reach.

A major Teridion’s client was experiencing difficulties with site-to-cloud connectivity while working from his office in Hyderabad, India, and using a Chinese SaaS application. The use of many cloud providers created technical problems resulting in high latency, which exceeded the recommended maximum latency of 300 msec. It also created substantial packet loss of > 0.24% for the SaaS application. Teridion offered an effective multi-cloud platform with optimal performance to solve these issues. When using Teridion’s services, the client effectively reduced packet loss to less than 0.1%, and reduced latency to 117 msec.

Another major Teridion’s client already enjoys the benefits of our cloud connectivity services. This client’s exclusive SLA enables a fast and reliable connection for their MS Teams cloud application. In addition, this cloud connectivity solution is also price-flexible, ensuring that the service is customized and adapted to the specific needs of each enterprise.

Teridion’s platform enables high MOS level for MS Teams, which is particularly important in our current age of global streaming services. As part of the SLA, Teridion also offers 24/7 NOC support, with its dedicated team providing support for our “VIP Club” members.

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