How Upthere Crushes Data Center Costs With Teridion

Team Teridion

Upthere is a cloud storage service designed to be the one home for your personal data — photos, videos, music, and documents. With Upthere Home you can use any device to save, view, search, organize, and share anything. Upthere’s mission is to deliver the world’s best personal storage experience by giving their customers the fastest possible uploads, downloads and streams.

Internet Backbone Congestion Impacted The Customer Experience

As Upthere expanded its service, the company realized they had no control over Internet Backbone congestion (commonly referred to as the “Internet Backbone Problem”). The farther end users are from Upthere’s origin servers, the worse performance they experience, due to structural internet problems like BGP least cost routing and TCP inefficiency. To solve this, Upthere architects looked for a way to improve end-to-end Internet throughput to accelerate data transfers worldwide and eliminate the costs associated with maintaining multiple points of presence (PoPs).

Teridion finds the fast path through the Internet, helping us create a service that is twice as fast as our competitors.”

— Chris Bourdon – CEO, Upthere

Finding A Faster Path To Deliver Dynamic Data

Upthere initially addressed their performance issues by building five regional PoPs. Although this allowed them to move data physically closer to their customers, this strategy also increased IT costs and business complexity. Upthere decided there had to be a better way…and they found it with Teridion!

With the Teridion Kumo-X, Upthere was able to route dynamic, un-cacheable Internet traffic efficiently, exceed their customer’s expectations…all with a transparent CNAME change. This enabled Upthere to consolidate five PoPs into a single data center from which they could serve their global customer base.

Teridion is the only proven alternative to POPs that can deliver a faster data transfer experience at a significantly lower costs and complexity. Teridion intelligently routes traffic around the Internet Backbone to find the fastest routes for data transfers between any two points on the globe using a minimum set of origin servers.

Delivering The World’s Best Personal Storage Experience

The tangible results Teridion helped Upthere achieve include:

  • Increased Performance: Upthere was able to create a service that is twice as fast as their competitors
  • Realize ROI: Saved money by serving their global customer base from a single data center
  • Improved Customer Experience: Happy customers means less churn and more service upgrades.

As a result of the performance improvements, Teridion was able to help Upthere deliver on its mission to offer the world’s best personal storage experience.

The most compelling proof however is that the Teridion Kumo-X gives Egnyte a competitive advantage in the file sharing industry. IDC completed a benchmark in 2016 that identified Egnyte as having best in class performance, despite the fact that several of the competitors in that benchmark have more than ten times higher investment in regional data center infrastructure.

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