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22 Sep 2020

WAN Acceleration In The Cloud: Teridion’s TMCnet Interview

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Teridion’s Cloud WAN Acceleration

In a wide-ranging discussion at this month’s Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas, Teridion VP of Product Pej Roshan and Director of Channel Sales Kevin Moynahan spoke with TMCnet’s Rich Tehrani. Topics covered included:

  • How Teridion’s cloud WAN acceleration improves network performance in ways that WAN optimization appliances can’t
  • Contrasting Teridion’s WAN optimization techniques with typical WAN optimization solutions
  • Improvements in the application performance of cloud applications through Teridion’s WAN service
  • How Teridion reduces packet loss and latency across standard broadband WAN links, resulting in great voice and video performance

Teridion Enters the Enterprise Space with SD-WAN Competitor

Teridion has been around 5 years – we have been selling a solution for SaaS providers to help them improve the performance of their solutions for end-users. Companies like Box, Egnyte, Atlassian, Salesforce, Donnelley Financial Solutions and Merrill Corporation use us for high-speed and low-latency file transfer,” said Pej Roshan, VP Products Teridion in an exclusive interview which included Kevin Moynahan, Dir, Channel Sales.

Continuing, “Our solution solves internet performance issues by building an overlay network that has optimized routing and protocol acceleration – classic WAN acceleration – all in the public cloud. We can bring up a backbone for a customer in an hour. All over public cloud.”

He told us that last year they decided to enter the enterprise space and make this a complimentary offering to SD-WAN. This is the same network they offer to others: SD-WAN-aaS for enterprises.

In an interesting twist, their go to market partners are SD-WAN vendors such as Cisco Meraki, VeloCloud and Citrix – their pure service connects to these company’s SD-WAN appliances.

“We don’t require you to use an SD-WAN solution but this is one path we have taken to build the channel, he said. “With a network-based approach, we can solve problems SD-WAN alone can’t solve.”

According to Pej, voice and video perform well over the internet, enabling them to have a comparable SLA to MPLS over the open-internet. They also provide high-speed file transfer comparable to specialized services. They can accelerate performance to SaaS applications.

“In twelve to eighteen months, SD-WAN will no longer be about boxes, it will be CPE (customer premise equipment) plus a network-based solution,” he exclaimed. “We are at the leading-edge of this right now.”

He said cloud providers are entering the space such as Microsoft Virtual LAN and this validates the approach they are taking, noting Teridion is multi-cloud while Microsoft only supports Azure.

“In every conversation with a partner – a lightbulb goes off,” said Kevin. Kevin then quoted Pej saying, “It’s a really exciting time for us.” Continuing, “Things are going to get a lot more interesting. Google will jump into the UC space. As this happens, people will need to pivot. Everyone will benefit from having something unique to offer.”

He explained they can’t accelerate UDP traffic but they can get traffic to the destination with lower latency and a better MOS score.

“There are so many use cases,” Kevin exclaimed.

The company has a reseller program – they payout on an annual basis with a bonus for multiyear contracts. Partners, however, handle billing.

Kevin said, “This is a solution they can’t get elsewhere. We also allow for agents – we have gotten favorable response from Master Agents at our price point.”

Pej told us with all the consolidation at the top of the SD-WAN market, it is likely that multiple Viptella and VeloCloud resellers could be bidding on the same account.

He told us a partner can use the combined solution to go up against competitors who sell VeloCloud. “This lets them be unique,” He exclaimed.

He continued, “Technology-wise, we have focused on keeping it simple and easy to use. You can bring up an entire global WAN in an hour. But our cloud orchestration and automation is the star of the show.”

The company allows you to bring up cloud workloads and chain them to production enterprise traffic, allowing it to scale horizontally.

“You can upgrade from a 10Mb to 1Gb connection on-the-fly via cloud orchestration. You can route traffic via a security offering if needed,” he said. “Or deep-packet-inspection of traffic for security or analytics. You can provision in seconds.”

The heart of the solution is the cloud automation and orchestration – not just limited to routing

According to the pair, the future is getting out the door, making partners successful, solving customer problems, continuing the innovation and last but not least, “more excitement is coming.”

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