Internet Myth #4: Upload Performance Always Stinks!

Team Teridion

Welcome to the fourth posting of Teridion’s weekly series debunking Internet performance myths. This week’s myth is: “Upload performance always stinks!”  

Reality: Internet upload performance can be accelerated by 10 to 20x

Internet overlay networks to optimize download performance (CDNs) have been around for a long time and can provide faster page load times for static content. As web pages get larger (bigger than Doom) and more dynamic (js payloads growing 50% per year), new overlay networks are needed to accelerate uploads and dynamic download.

These new overlay networks take two approaches:

  • Edge security offload: traditional CDNs can perform SSL handshaking at the edge close to the end user to improve performance.
  • Edge routing: new virtual network vendors can optimize routing and transport between the end user and the origin web site to improve file transfer speeds by 10-20X.


Virtual networks with edge routers can optimize Internet throughput for dynamic content. These networks can avoid routing congestion and speed content transfer:

  • Faster BGP path: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes data between ISPs along the lowest cost path and has no way to avoid congested paths.
  • More efficient TCP transfer: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) sacrifices performance to achieve reliability.


Learn more about optimizing end-to-end Internet throughput:


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