Internet Myth #6: Chinese Internet Performance Problems Cannot be Fixed

Team Teridion

Welcome to the sixth posting of Teridion’s weekly series debunking Internet performance myths. This week’s myth is: “Chinese Internet performance problems cannot be fixed.”

Reality: Great SaaS application performance in China is definitely possible!

China is a massive Internet market for SaaS vendors with over 700M users vs 280M in US. Yet, SaaS vendors struggle to deliver outstanding user experiences in China, as detailed on Quora and by The Atlantic.

For example, the network monitoring company Thousand Eyes reports a 7% packet loss in China vs 0.04% packet loss in the US. This is largely due to the Great Chinese Firewall.

The average throughput SaaS vendors deliver to end users located in North America is 30 MBPS, but these same SaaS vendors only deliver about 8 MBPS to users in China.

Teridion Kumo-X enables SaaS vendors to deliver a Chinese end user experience that is on par with the North American user experience!

While CDNs improve performance for delivering static content in China, they do not speed dynamic content such as SaaS business workflows which are custom for each user.

Learn more about optimizing end-to-end Internet throughput:


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