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19 Aug 2021

How to Cross That Tricky WAN River?

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Tomer Avisar
river used as a metaphor for Tricky WAN River
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Using Teridion’s site connectivity service to reach your destination

Imagine you are road-tripping, carrying a massive backpack with valuable belongings, when suddenly you are facing a stormy river. To cross that river, you must face two options – either cross it by walking on top of slippery river rocks, taking the risk of falling or having your belongings lost in the river, or decide not to take that route at all, and check for another way, which would make your journey longer than originally planned. However, you can also choose to walk across a new bridge, built especially for you, that would take you directly to your destination.

We find that the dilemma around the enterprises’ connectivity solutions is very similar to a dilemma, that many travelers around the world might face, when crossing a wide river. How can we see the similarity between these two issues? It is often too risky and unreliable for enterprises to relay on the outdated Internet infrastructure, which is very much the same as crossing a stormy river. Jumping from one rock to another with the constant risk of losing your belongings reminds us of the risk of packet loss whilst using outdated technology that is not very efficient. The long time it would take to cross that river may remind us of the latency issues we all need to face when the Internet is not performing as we need it to perform.

Nowadays there is a solution, which makes data streaming reliable and highly available with a reduced packet loss. Teridion’s solution provides connectivity with high bandwidth, that reduces the danger of disconnecting in the middle of a conversation or during an important meeting. Teridion’s solution delivers the same reliability as MPLS, offering a steady and safe route for the sites’ connectivity, much like the bridge designed specifically to cross stormy rivers. MPLS-like reliability and quality make Teridion’s technological solution an optimal service for a wide range of enterprises, that experience connectivity disturbances.

Teridion’s site connectivity solution

Teridion’s site connectivity solution is a good example of an effective solution for enterprises in need of a safe route. Providing VPN IPSEC from the site of a specific enterprise to Teridion’s closest cloud router and routing the traffic according to Teridion’s ML algorithm is the most optimized route to any destination. For example, an app developer in China has been using Teridion’s Enterprise’s Site-to-Internet Network service to deliver traffic from the network in the office to applications in the cloud. The most effective route enables the enterprise to use optimized routing per use case – just like we all prefer to use a reliable bridge that would lead us exactly where we need to go.

Another example is Teridion’s consistent connectivity connection for users in and out of China. Since Chinese regulations do not allow “Site to Internet” traffic outside China, there is a constant need to “cross that river” by using alternative means of communication. SLA-based connectivity and unlimited bandwidth optimization enables effective data streaming in and out of China with reduced packet losses.

Using Teridion’s Enterprise’s Site-to-Internet Network to reach your destination would be very similar to using a new bridge. Even if it is a bridge that you’ve never tried before, when you need to cross that stormy river and reach maximum connectivity, it may appear as the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your enterprise.

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