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24 Feb 2022

Maintain Reliable Fast Internet During an Attack

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ensuring reliable fast internet during an attack
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How Can Multi-Cloud Overcome DDos Connectivity Disruptions?

In November 2021, an Asian customer on the Microsoft Azure platform was hit with a massive DDoS attack. The attack, which had a throughput of 3.47 terabits per second (Tbps) and a packet rate of 340 million packets per second (pps), was the largest attack of its kind ever reported.

Microsoft’s DDoS protection platform mitigated this and two subsequent powerful attacks that targeted Azure’s Asian customers in December. The Azure protection platform is capable of scaling enormously to absorb the highest volume of the attack and protect its customers. Through fast detection, Microsoft was able to leverage the global scale of Azure and ward off the attack.

Its quick reactions protected its customers, many of whom will claim that Azure is a reliable cloud provider. However, this type of attack, regardless of how well-defended, tends to leave a mark. While there was no major disruption reported, we can presume that many Azure customers experienced some type of interruption, ranging from a packet loss to low-quality connection or interference on their cloud applications.

The Advantage of Multi-Cloud Routing

Causing the issue was Microsoft’s reliance on its own Azure cloud. Understandably, Azure provides cloud routing to its clients over its network. However, considering Azure was under attack, its resources were no longer fully available to facilitate internet traffic. Packets were delayed, causing latency and other disruptions at other points within the network.

Multi-cloud routing solutions, in contrast, have the network infrastructure needed to avoid any disruption caused by the attack. Teridion’s Site-to-Cloud connectivity solution, for example, can find a way around any network slowdowns without packet loss or latency. The AI-driven router can identify slowdowns taking place within the networks and find alternate routes that are unimpeded by current events.

The Azure defense against the most powerful attack DDoS ever was a remarkable display of technology. However, had other organizations that relied on Azure combined their service with Teridion’s Site-to-Cloud offering, their internet speed would have continued unimpeded, moving at high speed and meeting the guaranteed SLA.

Teridion’s Global Overlay Network

Teridion built a global overlay network built on over 25 different public cloud providers with over 500 points of presence (PoPs). Rather than relying on the traditional BGP routing protocol, which makes routing decisions based on paths, network policies, and preconfigured rules, Teridion’s network uses AI and real-time network traffic data to efficiently route traffic with minimal packet loss or latency.

This site-to-cloud carrier-grade reliability has use cases that extend far beyond avoiding fallout from cyberattacks. Organizations that rely on carrier-grade SLAs to enable their employees to access the SaaS applications can’t afford to get stuck in network traffic. Teridion’s Site-to-Cloud offering ensures employees aren’t sitting around waiting for their internet to catch up. Instead, they can work in real-time on applications that are tightly connected from the cloud to their desktop.

In case of a massive DDoS attack, it’s comforting to know that cloud providers like Microsoft Azure have the protective infrastructure needed to overcome the attackers. However, adding Teridion’s multi-cloud routing solution will keep your business humming while all kinds of chaos are taking place on the network.

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