Case Studies

Learn how Egnyte, a leading enterprise content collaboration and governance SaaS provider increased data transfer speeds, saved money by retiring custom network acceleration infrastructure and was able to resolve performance problems in minutes, that had previously taken hours or days.

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Learn how Thru, a leading enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration service, leveraged Teridion’s Elastic Network Service to route their traffic around congested networks to deliver 20x faster uploads, avoid building new data centers and consolidate existing ones.

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Upthere’s mission is to deliver the world’s best personal storage experience. Teridion’s Elastic Network Service increased the throughput for Upthere’s users by an average factor of more than 2x. Learn more about the positive effect Teridion had on Upthere’s Internet performance and customer experience.

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Data Sheets

February 28, 2018
Elastic Network Service


5 Internet Myths


In this webinar playback, Chris Keene, CEO – Teridion, in which he will dispel 5 common myths about why the Internet Backbone is slow. Learn how the speed of light, Points of Presence, SSL certificates, Border Gateway Protocol, TCP and more effect Internet performance…and what you can do about it!

White Papers

Part 1: Five Internet Performance Myths Busted!

This whitepaper (part 1 of 2) explores five Internet performance myths that prevent SaaS companies from delivering great experience to global end users. These myths come from basic misunderstandings about how the Internet works. Luckily, these myths can be largely debunked by the use of Teridion’s Elastic Network Service–without caching, added complexity or compromising security.

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How Teridion’s Elastic Network Service Works

With Teridion’s Elastic Network Service, SaaS providers are now able to take back control of their application’s performance to deliver the best possible user experience. This paper describes how the Elastic Network Service works and how it solves the “Internet Backbone Problem” to deliver better performance and ROI.

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The Internet Backbone Problem

Why exactly do web applications have such poor response time and what role does the Internet Backbone play in slow performance? This white paper explores the Internet Backbone Problem, discusses some common workarounds and describes how Teridion’s Elastic Network Service addresses fundamental Internet design issues.

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