Partnership For Performance: Teridion For Enterprise and Meraki

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Teridion Announces Full Interoperability With Cisco Meraki

Teridion has launched its new product today– Teridon for Enterprise, a cloud-based WAN service, delivering the SLA-backed performance and reliability of legacy WAN technologies such as MPLS with the agility, elastic scale, and global reach of the public cloud.

As part of the launch, we are announcing interoperability with some of the world’s leading SD-WAN providers. We are happy and very proud to announce that among them is Cisco Meraki, a leader in cloud-managed WiFi, routing, and security. Teridion for Enterprise now integrates with the entire Meraki MX appliance line. Meraki MX appliances deliver security and SD-WAN to thousands of leading companies around the world.

A Complementary Solution

Teridion’s integration with Cisco Meraki is especially exciting, due to the complementary nature of the features of both products- while Meraki provides best-of-class cloud security and control over the network, Teridion adds great performance with high reliability and consistency for the enterprise WAN and for all SaaS applications and cloud workloads.

“We are collaborating with Teridion on their new cloud WAN service, which has achieved interoperability with Cisco Meraki’s market leading MX Security and SD-WAN appliance. This is an important innovation for the industry, as Teridion lets businesses leverage all the benefits of SD-WAN with scale and performance of the public cloud.”

– Raviv Levi, Cisco Meraki’s Director of Product Management

Use Cases Where Teridion For Enterprise Excels

Together, Teridion and Cisco Meraki will deliver a solution for our mutual customers that addresses four major use cases:

  • Superior SaaS application performance
  • SLA backed, cost-effective replacement for MPLS
  • High performance access to cloud workloads across multiple cloud providers
  • Fast and highly reliable site-to-site performance

Teridion Curated Routing eliminates a fundamental problem with Internet routing, affecting the performance of the Internet backbone: its inability to make routing decisions based on performance. Teridion’s multicloud orchestrator ingests real time application performance data along with measured throughput, loss, and latency from across the Internet. Using deep learning to process the data, Teridion identifies the best performing network possible given the number of sites and the location and applications used at each site.

This degree of performance improvement of the Internet backbone delivered by Teridion, in conjunction with the first and last mile improvement provided by SD WAN vendors like Cisco Meraki, is what will allow Teridion’s combined solution with Meraki to offer an SLA comparable to legacy services like MPLS, giving enterprises the confidence and assurance they need to move to lower cost, high bandwidth, broadband Internet connectivity and phase out costly MPLS circuits.

If you’d like to learn more about Teridion for Enterprise or how we will integrate and work with Cisco Meraki, more information is available here. If you are a Meraki channel partner interested in working with Teridion, we’d love to talk to you, and more information can be found on our partner page.


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