Re-wiring the Internet for Collaboration

Team Teridion

I joined Teridion as CEO because the company is tackling the problem of re-wiring the internet for greater collaboration, security and mobility.

Our vast, 33-year old network of tubes needs a remodel

The internet is really good at doing the things it was designed to do and not so good at doing the things it wasn’t. It was designed for reliable broadcast of plain text messages. With the advent of cloud computing and SaaS applications, the internet is being used well beyond the parameters of its original design spec.

Better productivity requires a better internet

Web applications are rapidly morphing from collections of web forms to true collaboration platforms, increasing value through features such as:

  • Interactive web pages: multi-megabyte JavaScript apps that replace desktop apps – such as Google docs instead of MS Word.
  • Encrypted communications: https is the new http – for many SaaS vendors, privacy concerns eliminate the value of edge caching.
  • File sharing: cloud-based document management can introduce huge delays due to poor network upload performance.
  • Messaging, audio, video conferencing: new media introduces new quality of service challenges for the internet.
  • Global mobility: poor user experience – particularly in regions like China and India – kills SaaS productivity and drives complaints.


The old web acceleration magic tricks don’t work anymore.

Traditional web acceleration vendors have private data centers that are costly, inflexible, and less connected than public cloud-based solutions.

  • CDN caching speeds static downloads but is less useful for secure content where SaaS vendors want full control of their keys.
  • WAN optimization improves communication between data centers and branch offices but not for SaaS apps or mobile users.

Teridion re-wires the internet for collaboration

Teridion is a cloud-optimized routing service that improves end user productivity for collaborative SaaS applications. Teridion’s offering complements existing CDN and WAN solutions with new network capabilities, such as accelerating secure file uploads by 10x and eliminating slow page loads due to inconsistent internet performance.

Teridion customers are seeing huge end user productivity gains

Teridion launched its virtual networks in early 2016 and now has thousands of cloud routers running in hundreds of data centers including Amazon, Alibaba, Digital Ocean and SoftLayer.  Today, customers like Box and Egnyte use Teridion to move petabytes of content around the internet at speeds on average more than 10 times faster than without Teridion.

Teridion is delivered as-a-service, with no hardware or cache configuration required.

We are only just getting started

Teridion makes the Internet faster for collaborative SaaS applications, freeing employees to be more productive. More broadly, Teridion is the first truly elastic edge routing network, with the ability to dynamically add capacity and upgrade functionality.

Keep an eye on Teridion – this is gonna be fun 😉

–    Chris


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