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29 Apr 2021

A tale of two enterprises during the BGP hijack event

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Ranit Fink
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Imagine this: Last week two similar enterprises started their business day the same way…and for one of them the day ended very differently…

For one, connectivity just…stopped. The other one had Teridion.

This is a sliding door moment – your connectivity solution choice can impact what your day looks like. This isn’t a movie, though. Last week we had a very real example of how this decision can make or break your business continuity. 

Major BGP routing leak

Last week a major BGP (Border Getaway Protocol) routing leak occurred in India.

The BGP hijack event, which lasted for only 10 minutes, impacted the connectivity of thousands of major networks and websites around the world, including Google.

As a result, any users who tried to reach web resources configured with the IP addresses in the routes that were leaked had their traffic misdirected to other routers based in India and then dropped.

The importance of BGP to the network

To make BGP clearer, imagine a package being transited from its source through multiple carrier branches until it arrives at its final destination.

The same goes for internet traffic. To make an efficient function, BGP has to direct the traffic correctly, over many paths and systems, and connect between the IP source and its final destination.

BGP route leak can occur accidentally or on purpose, as the latest incident, defined as a hijacking event. When a malicious entity succeeds in “falsely transforming” to other routers that they have a specific set of IP addresses but in fact, they don’t. When this happens, chaos occurs and leads to delays, traffic congestion, and even total outages.

One of the most well-known BGP incidents occurred in 2008 when YouTube had gone offline for its global users due to some of its traffic getting redirected through Pakistani servers.

Choosing the right path with Teridion’s way.

Teridion tracks Internet performance continuously. According to our reports, during the event, 33% of the traffic from Japan to Chicago, experienced more than 10% Packet Loss. This means the path was practically blocked. In addition, we saw a significant amount of high latency with at least twice the latency usually reported from locations in South East Asia and regions in the US.

Now let’s take this messy situation and think of a different direction in the plot.

What would have happened if all those enterprises and businesses affected by this hijacking incident, were Teridion’s customers?

In one word – Nothing. They wouldn’t even know this mess happened.

Teridion’s management portal received ongoing data inputs in real-time from our advanced routing algorithm and immediately acted upon it.

Our system routed their traffic through secured links that were not affected by the leak.

As a result, none of our customers was affected by the BGP event. They actually did not feel a thing, while such a major internet highjack incident occurred right under their nose.

Our solution doesn’t require any SSL keys, supports data sovereignty and DDoS mitigation. This enables our clients to get enterprise-class security and the highest privacy level that keeps their data safe without compromising on their network performance.


For this reason, our customers can enjoy a reliable and secure connection, anytime and anywhere in the world.

So if you’re suffering from continuing high latency on your internet traffic and want to get the most secure and reliable connection to your sites, book a demo. Our experts will be happy to assist you with any further information. And if you haven’t seen the 90’s cult movie that inspired this blog, we recommend that too. One smart decision sometimes makes all the difference.

Book a demo and our experts will be happy to assist you and share some further information.

Picture of Ranit Fink
Ranit Fink

VP Product and Business Development

Ranit Fink is the Vice President of Product and Business Development for Teridion. Prior to Teridion she was the co-founder and VP business development of Cellrox, a mobile security company. Ranit holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Columbia University and a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Bar Ilan University.
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