Software-Defined Internet Roundtable

Team Teridion

451 Research analyst Peter Christy of  has written a thought-provoking series of reports on the Software Defined Internet (requires login). His thesis is that there are new technologies available today that can solve fundamental internet performance and security issues:

What if you could fix many of the vexing problems of the internet without rebuilding it from scratch? That might be possible with a modern ‘software defined internet’ architecture that creates virtual networks, while using the existing internet for data transport.

In December, 2016, Peter Christy led a luncheon roundtable to discuss the Software Defined Internet. Peter was joined by Teridion founder and CTO, Elad Rave as well as executives from PerimeterX and Kentik.

Here are some of the key take-aways from the round table discussion:

  • We live in a deeply flawed internet: The internet was designed 50 years ago by well-meaning grad students who were much more concerned with reliability and cost than with performance. The original internet was designed to do time sharing with terminal working over 56kb lines – light years from modern web apps.
  • Web performance is critical for digital business success: the digital tidal wave requires companies to deliver sub-second responsiveness for web and mobile apps worldwide.
  • Software-Defined Internet fixes internet performance: the key is having regional nodes organized into a virtual network with centralized monitoring and control. This enables app-specific networks that only permit operations defined by app policies.


Teridion customers also provided details of their experiences optimizing internet backbone performance and troubleshooting customer problems. These customers saw particular value in Teridion’s plans to add SessionFlow reporting to instrument end-to-end latency and throughput on a per client session basis.


Peter ChristyPeter Christy, Director, Network Research for 451 Research. For more than 30 years, Peter has worked with leaders in IT and networking and has managed technology for companies including HP, Sun, IBM and Apple.
Elad RaveElad Rave, Founder and CTO, Teridion. Elad is a proven industry visionary, with extensive experience in the technology sector. He is recognized as an architectural expert for multi-cloud service delivery and overlay networking.
Ido SafrutiIdo Safruti, Co-founder and CTO, PerimeterX. PerimeterX protects commerce, media and enterprise websites from all types of automated or non-human attacks, at any scale.
James MeehanJames Meehan, Director of Solutions Engineering at Kentik. Kentik offers the world’s first Terabit-scale, big data-based network intelligence solution for traffic visibility, DDoS detection, and infrastructure optimization.


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