Teridion’s cloud based WAN

Teridion’s multi-cloud network as a service, high-performance WAN network uses an AI based algorithm to optimize data transfer across a reliable private network.

• Managed automation orchestration
• Optimized via algorithm, protocol optimization
• As a service
• SLA based
• 24/7

Enjoy a reliable and secure connection, anywhere in the world.

Teridion’s cloud based WAN

Teridion’s multi-cloud high-performance WAN network uses a AI based algorithm to optimize data transfer across a reliable private network.

• Managed automation orchestration
• Optimized via algo, protocol optimization
• As a service • SLA based
• 24/7

Enjoy a reliable and secure connection, anywhere in the world.

How the Teridion WAN solution works

Teridion is a superior cloud-based global connectivity platform. Teridion’s network delivers a high performance WAN as a service – SLA Guaranteed. The solution works with any edge device and is easy to scale and set up, with no hardware or software required.


based algorithm

Teridion’s smart algorithm finds the best route; It controls when, where and how traffic flows. Protocol optimization imbedded in the platform


connection points

A truly global multi-cloud network with >500 connection points worldwide allows for consistently unparalleled performance



A multi-cloud network based on 25 cloud providers to find the fastest route

Thousands of sensors

Thousands of sensors globally collect real-time Internet performance and reachability data

Works with any hardware

Works with any edge device and Interoperates with SDWAN devices.

Solution for all connections

Solving for SaaS acceleration, Voice/Video, RDP, Site to Site, Data/File transfer, multi cloud access

Highly available network

Highly available network with redundant IPsec tunnels, TCR’s, and Data Centers: Fully redundant network infrastructure multi-layer availability, more than 1 TCR, more than 1 datacenter, multi ISPs

What better connectivity really means

Machine Learning driven algorithm determines routing, optimized for:

Throughput – Our network sends more of your data, faster with 3-5 times more throughput vs the public Internet

Latency – We ensure your VoIP and video calls run without interruptions, reducing latency by 15%-30% speed

Packet loss – Significant reduction of traffic lost along the way

MOS (Mean Operating Score) – Experience the highest quality of your audio and video calls – we guarantee it

Stability – Low standard deviation of all of these paramenters

Sample comparisons between
the public Internet and Teridion’s newtwork

Reselling Teridion for Enterprise


Teridion for Enterprise delivers a fast, secure, and global WAN for your enterprise.  Our WAN service is built on the networks of over 25 public cloud providers worldwide. like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, Digital Ocean, and many others. This breadth is how we lead the market and provide over >500 points of presence globally.  Teridion’s core technology makes the Internet act like carrier-grade private WAN links. In fact, Teridion’s technology does so well at improving performance, we stand behind it with a carrier-grade service level agreement. The fact that Teridion works with any edge device makes it a perfect solution for reselling – you can bundle it with additional backend technology, complete your offering with a top-notch connectivity solution and give your enterprise customers the connection assurance they crave.

Teridion’s open platform can be configured via APIs and monitoring tools can be componentized and can integrate to bigger dashboards. The easy integration using APIs makes integrating Teridion a breeze, for you and your customers. The MPLS-level SLAs guarantee their satisfaction.

Site-To-Site Acceleration

For enterprise customers who want to improve site-to-site WAN performance, but:

• Lack the budget to make a major investment in branch hardware replacement?

• Don’t want to commit to costly upgrades to their broadband access?

• Use a vendor where WAN Optimization is not part of the SD WAN benefits?

Teridion For Enterprise enables low-cost broadband access to perform like MPLS by connecting the WAN edge to our cloud-based WAN service. Teridion uses deep learning capabilities to orchestrate the best route for maximum acceleration, minimal packet delivery latency, and packet loss mitigation. Teridion radically improves throughput worldwide up to 20X vs regular public Internet performance through our proven overlay network and WAN accelerator.

Teridion For Enterprise is a snap-in integration to existing SD-WAN offers from all major vendors, and all IPSec supporting devices. It is delivered as a true cloud service and it’s flexible, easy and fast to deploy. We can be deployed in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.

Unified communications optimization - RDP sessions

MPLS Replacement

When considering SD-WAN vs MPLS, enterprises are concerned about:

The lack of stringent SLAs from MPLS network alternatives

Maintaining reliable worldwide performance and availability of traditional WAN technologies

Retaining simple, global billing

Teridion For Enterprise optimizes the middle-mile and allows enterprises to realize the full benefits of SD-WAN technology. Combined with SD-WAN’s first mile capabilities, it delivers performance and reliability consistent with MPLS. Availability, latency and loss, and MTTR is comparable to far more expensive MPLS services.

If your customers have an existing SD-WAN solution, and they demand a rigorous end-to-end SLA, Teridion delivers it.

Teridion For Enterprise is a snap-in integration to existing SD-WAN offers from all major vendors. It’s delivered as a true cloud service, and it’s flexible, easy and fast to deploy. It uses existing broadband Internet connections, so initiating the service is as simple as flipping the switch. We can be deployed in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.

Teridion for SaaS

Great performance, from anywhere Teridion’s multi-cloud network as a service solution ensures a high performance, reliable user experience for dynamic, interactive SaaS applications on any device, anywhere in the world.

Scalable and on-demand

Deploys on-demand, as a service with zero capex, and elastically scales to your requirements. Get instant capacity when and where you need it, and pay for only what you need.

Uncompromised security and privacy

Enterprise-class security and privacy keeps your data safe without sacrificing performance. Our service doesn’t require SSL keys, supports data sovereignty and DDoS mitigation.

Teridion for SaaS: Give your customers the experience they want

Don’t let poor internet performance constrain your application. Teridion ensures great internet connectivity, allowing you to focus on developing richer and more differentiated apps.
• Fast, reliable internet performance for dynamic, interactive applications
• Like-local application experience for all users, everywhere on the globe
• Zero-capex: No hardware to deploy, no software to download
• Enterprise-class security and privacy, no SSL key sharing required
• Provides instant internet acceleration, where and when you need it

Teridion for China

  • Massive bandwidth and MPLS-like reliability at a fraction of the price
  • Needs only your existing broadband Internet connection
  • Built on Teridion’s innovative cloud architecture
  • Fully compliant with MIIT/CDTIA regulations
  • Unified global SD-WAN network management

WAN Challenges In China

Deploying a cost effective, high performance WAN in mainland China is a challenge. The limitations imposed by the Great Firewall have typically forced enterprises who need performant WAN service in mainland China to deploy carrier circuits or MPLS networks between their Chinese locations and other international locations. In addition to the high cost, inflexibility, and long lead times associated with carrier circuits or MPLS networks, Chinese regulations restrict the ability for enterprises to deploy a secure SD-WAN network that includes locations in mainland China.

Teridion for Enterprise eliminates this high cost and complexity with high-performance SD-WAN-as-a-service that provides compliant access to mainland China while enabling the enterprise to use only Internet broadband connections.  Enterprises no longer need to deploy costly carrier circuits or MPLS networks to get high performance connectivity to or from their sites in China. Customers can expect lightning-fast file transfers, pristine voice and video sessions, and overall performance comparable to MPLS.

Teridion is an enterprise SD-WAN service built on the public cloud, with fast setup, global coverage, unbounded bandwidth and horizontal scale. The Teridion network is powered by Teridion Curated Routing, which fuses proven WAN acceleration techniques with real-time metric driven route optimization to eliminate the fundamental performance problems associated with Internet routing.

Teridion Makes Internet Performance Carrier-Grade Teridion customers deploy and manage their locations in China in the same easy and flexible way they do globally. The Teridion service can be configured in minutes and deployed in hours with a simple IP-SEC connection from the site’s WAN CPE to the Teridion network PoPs in China.

  • Full integration with all leading WAN, SD-WAN, and security edge solutions from providers such as Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, Citrix, Palo Alto and others, with support for connectivity to legacy office routers and firewalls.
  • Simple IPSec connectivity over standard broadband with no additional hardware, software or circuit requirements
  • Consistent, operationally reliable Internet performance, maximizing throughput while minimizing loss and latency.
  • Delivers the lowest possible latency, packet loss, and jitter metrics for video, voice, and RDP/VDI
  • Configures in minutes, and deploys to China sites in hours
  • Innovative and friendly pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow pricing


Teridion can work with any edge device – including the most basic routers. Our network connects within a few hours to any device you have, and immediately improves your Internet’s performance.

Enterprises often choose MPLS solutions for their high performance SLAs. While MPLS delivers high quality performance, this solution is expensive and takes a long time to integrate. This is the reason enterprises often choose to only deploy this solution to the most crucial parts of their network. Teridion’s solution offers the same level of performance – in fact, we guarantee MPLS-like SLAs- for a fraction of the price and a significantly shorter time to deployment. This way, you can leverage this solution across your network and enjoy a reliable, consistently high quality performance across your organization. Unlike MPLS, which is limited to the bandwidth you committed to, Teridion allows for unlimited bandwidth.

The middle mile is defined as the network infrastructure that connects the last mile (local) networks to other network service providers (major carriers and service providers) and the greater Internet. For enterprises with branch offices across continents, the middle mile is the long haul and where most of the connectivity issues occur. The middle mile is the only place that traditional SD-WAN vendors, can offer only best effort performance and not SLA-based performance. Teridion’s technology is capable of dramatically improving the performance in the middle mile and guarantees an MPLS-like SLA in this segment. 

Teridion network relies on over 25 cloud providers worldwide. This includes both smaller cloud providers and major ones like AWS, GPC and Azure. Multi-cloud means we’re using multiple public cloud solutions from different vendors to balance your workload needs. Because Teridion’s WAN multi-cloud service is built within the public cloud, we are able to accelerate your access to any public cloud provider, from anywhere, to anywhere. Teridion puts your network edge right in the cloud provider’s data center for the best possible performance.

Teridion is a Cloud SD-WAN as a Service provider. Our solution fits any global company with locations in more than one city, state or country. Since our solution is compatible with any edge device, It doesn’t matter which hardware you already have or are planning to use. Our 500 point of presence worldwide ensures we are truly global and can deliver high performance anywhere in the world. Teridion for Enterprise manage all your WAN traffic: site-to-site, site-to-SaaS, and site-to-cloud, and it comes with SLA-backed performance and reliability. The frictionless onboarding fits both organizations that have a large IT department and those who don’t have any dedicated personnel. The system automatically connects all the sites and manage the WAN traffic – it’s that simple.

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