We take care of the network so you can build great applications

Teridion’s Internet Overlay Network allows you to build dynamic
applications without worrying about the Internet slowing you down.

Teridion Internet Overlay Network

Teridion enables you to deliver a great user experience over the Internet without additional infrastructure.

  • Performance

    Accelerates Internet performance to deliver a fast, reliable user experience from anywhere.

  • Agility

    Deploys when you need it, where you need it, leveraging the elasticity of the public cloud.

  • Security

    Ensures end-to-end security and privacy without sacrificing performance.

Use Cases

  • Fast, seamless content collaboration

    Enable your application to provide instant file sync and cloud storage with like-local response, anywhere in the world.

    No remote caching – no need to share SSL keys, keeping sensitive data encrypted and protected end-to-end.

    Deploy on-demand and seamlessly, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure.

  • Dynamic SaaS performance

    Faster app response and page loads allow you to securely serve a better personalized experience worldwide.

    Innovate, develop richer apps, and roll out new functionality, without being constrained by poor Internet performance.

    Deploy on-demand with zero capex, add new users quickly and seamlessly, and ensure great user experience.

  • Expand to new geographies

    Give global customers a fast and reliable experience that’s on par with HQ, even in difficult to serve locations, like China.

    Grow your business quickly by extending your service on-demand to new markets and users worldwide.

    Achieve faster time-to-revenue with global high availability without building PoPs or data centers.

  • Secure private network

    Provide an invisible secure private network from anywhere in the world without client software or additional infrastructure.

    Offer high-performance, low latency, reliable private internet connectivity everywhere on the globe.

    No SSL key sharing required – easy to implement and totally secure, with built in WAF and DDoS mitigation.

Global Internet Performance

Teridion continuously monitors the public internet for congestion and outages and proactively selects the best paths for your users to ensure a great experience.

Choosing the best path looks like this:

Internet Performance Levels

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Very Low

How it works

Real-time global
Internet monitoring

We leverage the surface area of multiple public cloud providers to continuously monitor
the public Internet and identify high performance network paths.

Global, dynamic fast path creation

We use machine learning to dynamically select and set up the best internet routes steering traffic around congestion and outages, providing a great experience for each user.

Adaptive optimization and scale

We adapt dynamically to changing Internet conditions and elastically scale up and down to map to real-time traffic requirements, providing instant capacity where and when you need it.

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