Struggling with Cloud Connectivity? You’re Not Alone

Struggling with Cloud Connectivity? You’re Not Alone

Poor Cloud Connectivity can be a genuine pain

According to a recent survey by BDO, which was commissioned by Teridion and conducted of 200 IT decision-makers in multiple sectors around the globe, cloud connectivity challenges were the top concern for respondents. Among the conclusions of the survey, high-performance cloud connectivity is a growing need for both user-to-cloud applications (39%) and for site-to-cloud or site-to-internet (19%).

As organizations have shifted to hybrid work or simply migrated their on-premises systems to the cloud, they increasingly rely on public cloud applications or private clouds to achieve office-like work experiences. Due to reliance on best-effort WAN solutions, these are frequently subject to outages, which can be devastating. Employees and sites working in different modes require high-availability services to function efficiently. Imagine that a site in Toronto is working with a team in San Francisco over the same cloud application while it is experiencing downtime. It isn’t uncommon.

Collaboration, file sharing, and video conferencing are hindered by connectivity issues such as packet loss and latency, which disrupt site-to-site and cloud-to-site interactions, resulting in reduced productivity. As businesses increasingly rely on cloud services to accomplish their work, their deployed solutions may not be sufficient to meet all of their business requirements.

When Cloud connectivity meets SLA

Although cloud connectivity solutions can streamline the process of migrating businesses to the cloud, when it comes to ensuring high availability service level agreements, they will likely leave enterprises dependent on best-effort internet connections. High-availability Cloud connectivity is also not guaranteed with existing MPLS solutions.

Teridion Network harnesses 25 global cloud providers, as well as machine learning and AI to constantly optimize for 99.99% availability, throughput, latency, and jitter parameters.

Thanks to its AI-based intelligent routing, Teridion is optimized to mitigate outages resulting from cloud congestion, and its Centralized Orchestration provides secured, (IPSEC) connectivity.

Teridion delivers MPLS-like connectivity to cloud workloads without the cost or complexity of MPLS. Teridion can dramatically improve enterprise cloud connectivity performance whether they are in the public or private cloud.

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