Teridion 2.0 – Edge Computing Starts Now

Team Teridion

The Teridion vision is to transform networking, security and compute at the edge of the cloud. The Teridion 2.0 release in March delivers on this vision.

Teridion’s Service chaining and SessionFlow enhancements expand the capabilities of Teridion Kumo-X:

  • Service chaining: allows Teridion Cloud Routers (TCRs) to add user-defined services before, after or in-line with the core Teridion routing services at the edge.
  • SessionFlow: provides end to end visibility into latency and throughput across the internet backbone and raw data for using AI to optimize network performance.

Teridion 2.0 Features

Key enhancements include:

  • Self-optimizing network: SessionFlow data structures and data flows have been improved to enable machine learning for anomaly detection and correction.
  • Zero downtime upgrades: TCRs have “dual-root” architecture that eliminates service interruptions and preserves IP addresses across versions.
  • Edge DDoS protection: TCRs automatically protect against SYN flood DDoS attacks.
  • Highways flexible routing: TCR tunnels are mapped dynamically to improve network resilience, minimize resource utilization and optimize performance.

In 2016, Teridion went GA with its virtual network service and by the year had scaled to deliver petabytes a month of traffic. In 2017, Teridion will team with our design partner customers to extend the Software Defined Internet with edge compute and security.


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