Teridion And Citrix Partnership Drives High-Performance WANs

Team Teridion

Today, we are excited to announce Teridion for Enterprise, a first of its kind, cloud based WAN service. If you haven’t heard the news yet, please head over to my blog post on Teridion for Enterprise or check out the press release.

As part of the announcement we are proud to include industry and market innovators and leaders in WAN, notably Citrix SD-WAN. We joined the Citrix Ready Partner Program and completed interoperability testing, and have some exciting integrations planned with Citrix as part of our roadmap.

We believe our partnership with market-leading SD-WAN providers is key to delivering a robust and cost effective WAN. Derek Thorsland, senior director of product management at Citrix, and I recently spoke to industry publications and I was really impressed by his take on our partnership. When asked about how Citrix and Teridion are working together, he replied:

“Citrix SD-WAN provides secure and reliable ‘last mile’ connectivity between customer locations and the cloud. Teridion for Enterprise delivers high performance and cost-effective ‘middle mile’ connectivity between global points of presence, and to SaaS applications and public cloud workloads. Put the two together, and this gives our mutual customers a complete end-to-end solution for connectivity between customer sites, and from customer locations to apps and resources in the cloud. Customers are keen to shift away from expensive, legacy MPLS. Teridion makes this possible for the middle mile, and Citrix SD-WAN does this for the last mile. Our goal is for the combined solution to simplify network connectivity, ensure a high level of security, and deliver high performance and reliability.”

Derek highlights a point that most of us take for granted. The Internet wasn’t built for performance. We assume the Internet will just work, and work well. Reality (and lots of monitoring data) show us that such an assumption just isn’t true. Take a look at last month’s availability and performance graph of leading cloud provider Internet availability versus Teridion’s virtual network availability.

When Derek was asked about what made Teridion stand apart from other network based solutions, he had this to offer:

“We were very impressed with the performance figures that were measured during Citrix Ready qualification testing of the Teridion solution. Teridion for Enterprise is unique in its ability to leverage over 25 cloud providers to optimize routing based on both performance and cost. Furthermore, Teridion is able to minimize costs with a very agile approach to scaling up and down based on customer needs.”

Teridion Curated Routing optimizes routing for highly reliable site to site and site to SaaS access as well as accelerates performance, squeezing every possible Kbps out of your Internet connections. Combined with Citrix SD-WAN first/last mile capabilities, enterprises can get carrier-grade WAN performance from inexpensive broadband Internet access, backed by a carrier-grade SLA.

Together, Citrix and Teridion enable enterprises to deploy or upgrade their WANs in order to support high performance and highly reliable site to site and site to SaaS access using low cost broadband Internet. The combined solution makes deployment anywhere in the world simple, easy, and secure.

This is just the beginning of our relationship with Citrix, and there is more to come in short order. If you’d like updates, let us know!

If you’d like to learn more about Teridion for Enterprise or how we integrate and work with Citrix, more information is available here. If you are a Citrix channel partner interested in working with Teridion, more information can be found on our partner page.


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