Teridion and Silver Peak Form Partnership

Ranit Fink

The Beginnings Of Teridion For Enterprise

For the last year or so, we have been working hard building a new product line targeted to address the enterprise market. Our offering has been available for SaaS providers for the past three years, but in the past 12 months we’ve received so many inquiries about whether it was available for enterprises. Many of our SaaS customers have been interested to see if we can accelerate their corporate WANs the way we do for their SaaS applications.

Kris Lahiri, VP of Operations told us this:

“We’ve been a Teridion customer for years, using their SaaS offering to radically improve Internet performance for Egnyte customers. We are currently in the Teridion for Enterprise beta, and we see the same accelerated and highly reliable Internet performance. Site to site performance as well as SaaS and cloud performance is at least 3 times faster, but even more impressive is that enabling their WAN service is as simple as flipping a switch.”

After some early investigating, we realized that our network can be adapted to service the needs of enterprises.

And so Teridion for Enterprise was born.

How Teridion Solves Enterprise WAN Pain Points

As we met with customers, industry experts, analysts, and our friends at partner companies, we learned very quickly what the key enterprise pain points and problems we could solve. We learned very quickly that we could deliver a WAN service that built on the public cloud and powered by a cloud software architecture. The heart of our solution is Teridion Curated Routing, which optimizes routing and accelerates applications through the middle mile of the Internet. It also occurred to us that if we join forces with our SD-WAN friends, the combined solution would be exceptionally powerful, addressing first mile, middle mile, and last mile challenges affecting enterprises, including:

    • True replacement for expensive, legacy WAN circuits (such as MPLS)
    • High speed, reliable access to SaaS applications
    • High speed, reliable access to IaaS workloads and storage

Teridion And Silver Peak: 1+1=3

Today, I am excited to share the experience we had partnering and integrating our product with Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect product line.

What did we try to achieve?

Silver Peak delivers SD-WAN solutions to enable distributed enterprises to build a better WAN, securely connecting sites to one another. Teridion for Enterprise delivers high performance and cost-effective “middle mile” connectivity between global points of presence, and to SaaS applications and public cloud workloads. Integrating the two solutions together, offer a complete end-to-end solution for connectivity between enterprise sites, and for connectivity between the enterprise WAN to SaaS applications and workloads running in the public cloud. The integrated solution provides new opportunities for enterprises to extend more of their enterprise workloads to the cloud, enjoying a new level of simplicity, speed, predictability, and security, all while reducing their spend, when compared to the cost of legacy WAN circuits.

1 plus 1 definitely came out as 3 in this case. Lab testing show the integrated solution increasing performance and throughput by 3X.

Leveraging over 25 public cloud providers, the Teridion Network has the widest global presence. In addition, with thousands of sensors deployed around the world that collect real-time internet performance and reachability data, fed to a multi-cloud orchestrator using deep learning algorithms, Teridion Curated Routing delivers the fastest routing, optimized for a highly reliable and accelerated site to site and site to SaaS access.

This is just the beginning of our relationship with Silver Peak, and there is more to come. Silver Peak and Teridion together are able to deliver a minimized cost model with a very agile approach to scaling up and down based on customer needs, backed by a carrier grade SLA.

Want to learn more? Check out our whitepaper or request a demo or free trial.

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