Teridion For Enterprise: The Global Cloud WAN Service Is Here

Team Teridion

The last several years have seen a massive migration of the enterprise to cloud computing. The advantages of cloud computing are well-publicized: flexibility, horizontal scale, the pay-as-you-go model, and operational efficiencies, to name a few. It would be fair to say that now, cloud computing IS computing. This shift is happening not just in the way enterprises harness compute resources, but also in their IT philosophy and methodology, with the rise of DevOps practices in the enterprise walking hand-in-hand with the transition to cloud services.

Given all this, why is the enterprise WAN still constrained to the legacy choices of leased circuits, private network overlays, or best effort VPNs over the public Internet? Today, that changes with the general availability of Teridion for Enterprise.

A few years ago, Teridion launched a public cloud based service for SaaS providers to provide their users with highly reliable, highly accelerated connectivity to their services. Some of the biggest names in SaaS use our service today, including Box, Atlassian, and Salesforce, and now we have extended our high-performance global public cloud network to the enterprise.

Teridion for Enterprise represents a fundamental shift in how the enterprise WAN is architected.

This WAN service realizes the promises of the public cloud- horizontal scale, global reach, and on-demand flexibility- and brings those advantages to the enterprise WAN. Teridion for Enterprise is a global service delivering carrier-grade performance, and carrier-grade SLAs, at the price points of broadband Internet. In the same way cloud computing IS computing, cloud networking IS networking. This change is happening.

What to see Teridion in action? We can show you a live demo. Slots fill up quickly, so click here to schedule a live demo.

If you’d like to learn more about Teridion for Enterprise, take a deep technical dive into our whitepaper.

If you are a VAR or Master Agent, you can find out more about our new channel program here.

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