Teridion Helps Egnyte Snag Top IDC Ranking

Team Teridion

Egnyte is a SaaS provider of enterprise content collaboration and governance that helps thousands of businesses by enabling them to connect, protect, and unlock value from all their content without compromising security or governance. IDC recently ranked Egnyte as the fastest file sharing provider due in part to Teridion Kumo-X.

Despite Multiple POPs, Customer Experience Was Not Optimal

As Egnyte’s business took off, so did its global footprint. As worldwide usage grew, Egnyte quickly discovered that the “Internet Backbone Problem” was causing poor end user experience. Why? Because the performance of end-users located farthest from the nearest point of presence (PoP) experienced increasingly worse performance due to Internet congestion, least cost routing and inefficient data transfer protocols.

Engyte attempted to tackle the problem by building a custom network acceleration solution based on regional PoPs that was costly to maintain and greatly increased operational & business complexity. Despite this custom solution, Egnyte still lacked visibility into the “last mile” to troubleshoot customer performance issues.

One of our largest customers has offices in over 145 countries. With Teridion I can now confidently tell the customer that I can deliver optimal performance at all of their locations.

— Kris Lahiri – VP Operations & Co-Founder, Egnyte

Building And Maintaining POPs Increased Costs And Complexity

Initially, Egnyte looked at CDN-based solutions but quickly identified two critical problems with caching-based overlay networks:

  • File security concerns: CDNs intermingle files from multiple customers in many regional caches around the globe, raising the risk that a hacker who gained admin privileges on a single cache node could access all files cached there.
  • SSL sharing encryption: CDNs require access to Egnyte’s SSL certificates, creating potential security risks for Egnyte and breaking the “chain of custody” for documents stored in the Egnyte SaaS platform.

Unable to find satisfactory solutions from CDNs, Egnyte built network acceleration points of presence at regional cloud providers. Although, the solution went a long way towards resolving local performance issues, added high operating costs and complexity.

Egnyte decided to look for alternatives to their POP strategy that did not compromise security and offered acceleration for both file upload and download. During this search, they discovered Teridion. With Teridion Kumo-X, Egnyte could deliver excellent performance with fewer points of presence, lowering IT costs and business complexity.

Teridion is the only proven alternative to POPs that can deliver a faster data transfer experience at a significantly lower costs and complexity. Teridion Kumo-X intelligently routes traffic around the Internet Backbone to find the fastest routes for data transfers between any two points on the globe with a simple CNAME change and without requiring any hardware or software changes.

Delivering Best In Class Performance

The tangible results Teridion helped Egnyte achieve include:

  • Performance: Increased data transfer speeds while maintaining control and end-to-end encryption
  • ROI: Saved money by retiring custom network acceleration infrastructure
  • Customer Experience: Fewer support tickets and ability to resolve performance problems in minutes, that previously had taken hours or days

The most compelling proof however is that the Teridion Kumo-X gives Egnyte a competitive advantage in the file sharing industry. IDC completed a benchmark in 2016 that identified Egnyte as having best in class performance, despite the fact that several of the competitors in that benchmark have more than ten times higher investment in regional data center infrastructure.

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