The fastest way to boost your VPN connection

The fastest way to boost your VPN connection

From health pandemic to connectivity crisis 

The Covid-19 pandemic created a global health crisis which immediately increased the need for remote access for millions of employees across the world who had to work remotely from home.

Until then, for many companies, VPN infrastructure was not designed to handle so many active users at the same time.

The sudden need for VPN has created a sort of chain reaction – the internet traffic increased dramatically by at least 75% and rapid demand for VPN increased by 34% according to a usage data report from Verizon.

The other major factor of a VPN is its safety level.

VPN helps to protect the business data by keeping a secure company network and maintain high levels of privacy.

Now think of a global corporation with a global presence during the quarantine. Its Employees are working remotely via the organization’s VPN.

One of the employees tries to transmit highly sensitive data from his remote access at home, but due to a lot of congestion on the line, the information does not arrive on time and may even be exposed to external users that are not part of the organization.

For enterprises with a global presence, fast and secured performance is highly important.

High latency and difficulties to access the corporate’s data assets, cause significant loss of productivity and eventually can degrade the business performance.

Enterprises that face poor connectivity challenges have some alternative remote access solutions like Zero Trust Secure Network as a Service or SDP (software-defined perimeter) both are efficient but do not always fit the organization’s size and needs.

Another option to connect site-to-site is MPLS, which offers great connectivity, but takes a long time to set up and is very expensive (an international line can cost tens of thousands of dollars). 


Teridion for Remote Access: secured, fast and easy 

A VPN connection would always be the cheaper and easy-to-use choice. But how can we assure the VPN we choose is 100% reliable, secure, and most importantly – will provide the best connectivity performance?

Our remote access solution accelerates the remote users’ internet connection to the VPN gateway, providing up to 20X faster data transition while maintaining customer security requirements. The solution does not require any software or hardware installation and supports the same local VPN settings while traveling.

Custom made solution for optimal performance

Here’s a great example of how we successfully deployed our solution for one of our customers.

This European-based business has more than 200 employees, and massive projects across the world, which require reliable and continuous connectivity.

The client had suffered from continuous poor performance and high latency which affected its ongoing workflow and ability to provide efficient service to its customers on all sites.

After a short pilot, we deployed our remote access solution. We configured an IPSEC connection to Teridion’s router while using the client’s operating system. We optimized the client’s performance, reduced its packet loss, and provided stable and secured connectivity from the client’s VPN to its VPN gateway.

Turn your VPN to VIP (Very Impressive Performance) 

For accelerating remote users to any location, from enterprise sites, datacenters, or SaaS applications, our solution complies with any cloud-based security device and organizational security policies. This ensures the most reliable and secured VPN connection without any compromises on the network performance.

So if you’re having trouble with your VPN connection, tired of seeing the buffering icon on your screen, and want to enjoy high-speed internet performance on all your sites, book a demo. Our experts will be happy to assist you with any further information.