The High-Performance Partnership of Citrix SD-WAN and Teridion

Ed Wright

This article by Teridion’s VP of Product Pej Roshan was originally published as a Citrix guest blog post. You can find the original post here.

Imagine An End-To-End WAN Solution, Anchored On The Citrix SD-WAN Optimized Edge, That Could Accelerate Access To All SaaS Providers And All Cloud Workloads, While Delivering The Performance, Reliability, And SLAs Of MPLS At A Fraction Of The Cost.

The new cloud WAN service from Teridion delivers these comprehensive improvements as a turnkey service with snap-in integration to any Citrix SD-WAN deployment.

About three years ago, Teridion launched a new, public cloud-based service for SaaS providers, with the aim of providing highly reliable and accelerated Internet performance. Teridion’s Internet Overlay Network made SaaS provider applications running in the public cloud or hosted in data centers perform like they were running in the enterprise’s own data center. Since then, we’ve helped a who’s who of SaaS application leaders, including Box, Egnyte, Salesforce, Atlassian, and Zoho.

Late last year we announced Teridion for Enterprise, which brings the massive scale, global reach, and on-demand nature of the public cloud to the enterprise WAN. The face of enterprise WAN is changing. Teridion offers enterprises economical, high-performance, and agile WAN options that accelerate the pace of business and productivity through route optimization and protocol acceleration across the vast “middle mile” of the internet.

Along with that, we joined the Citrix Ready Program, successfully validating Teridion’s Cloud WAN service for interoperability with Citrix SD-WAN. The Citrix Ready Program helps technology partners integrate and test their products with Citrix technology, while making it easy for customers to identify through the Citrix Ready Marketplace complementary solutions that can enhance Citrix environments.

A Comprehensive End-To-End WAN Solution

Teridion’s partnership with Citrix enables us to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end WAN solution that offers unsurpassed performance. Derek Thorslund, Citrix’s Sr. Director of Product Management, and I recently spoke with a few technology industry publications. Derek’s take on our partnership and its advantages really stood out.

“Together, we give our mutual customers a complete end-to-end solution for connectivity between customer sites, and from customer locations to apps and resources in the cloud,” Derek said. “Customers are keen to shift away from expensive, legacy MPLS. Teridion makes this possible for the middle mile, and Citrix SD-WAN does this for the last mile. Our goal is for the combined solution to simplify network connectivity, ensure a high level of security, and deliver high performance and reliability.”

Teridion is pioneering the use of the public cloud to deliver WAN services. “Cloud” can’t be narrowly defined as running VMs within a cloud provider. It’s a comprehensive shift in the way services are architected, delivered, and operationalized. We are using the elastic scale of public-cloud compute and network resources to deliver a turnkey, global WAN service with carrier-grade performance, a carrier-grade SLA, and broadband internet price points. Unlike backward-looking solutions that rely on fixed capacity private networks, Teridion’s virtual network provides limitless, on-demand scale.

Teridion Curated Routing Delivers High Performance, Secure WANs

At the heart of our WAN service is Teridion Curated Routing, which incorporates performance monitoring, deep learning, and protocol acceleration to deliver high performance and secure WANs for enterprises of all sizes. The network learns where the Internet is performing well and where it is underperforming and automatically spins up and spins down Teridion Cloud Routers wherever needed to maximize network performance. Coupled with Citrix SD-WAN’s powerful edge optimization capabilities, the joint solution delivers a fast and reliable end-to-end WAN backed by carrier-grade SLAs, while dramatically improving access to SaaS applications and cloud workloads.

Teridion Curated Routing is application-aware and capable of creating unique routes for different application types. For example, throughput-intensive TCP applications may route through a different path from UDP-based, real-time applications that are loss and latency sensitive, even though they are destined to the same site. Teridion Curated Routing continually learns and updates the network. It’s a WAN that seamlessly moves around routers in the middle mile of the internet to ensure the best possible performance. This is how we guarantee and achieve our service levels.

Teridion for Enterprise address key problems enterprises have with their WANs by:

  • Increasing WAN availability and reliability
  • Increasing WAN performance
  • Increasing agility and decreases deployment times
  • Reducing the costs associated with expensive, legacy MPLS service
  • Accelerating access to cloud workloads and SaaS applications.

Citrix and Teridion enable enterprises to deploy or upgrade their WANs to support high performance, high-reliability site-to-site and site-to-SaaS access using low-cost broadband Internet. The combined solution makes deployment anywhere in the world simple and secure. Integration is simple: Create an IP-SEC tunnel to the Teridion edge, and we handle it from there.

This is just the beginning of our relationship with Citrix, and there is more to come. If you are a Citrix channel partner interested in working with Teridion, you can learn more on our partner page.

And for more information, check out these resources:


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