The Multi Cloud Synergy for Networks

The Multi Cloud Synergy for Networks

Is your enterprise infrastructure ready for the next connectivity outage?

Fastly is a CDN (content delivery network) cloud services platform, delivering content storage for some of the world’s biggest content platforms. This Tuesday (June 8) a failed service configuration disrupted their global POPs (point of presence) which caused a major internet connection outage as users received error messages upon entering various content services.

Such connectivity failure means major websites and apps such as CNN, the Guardian, the New York Times, Twitch, Pinterest, HBO Max, Hulu, Reddit, Spotify and other services were unavailable for their users for one hour. This could potentially cause them a financial loss, and a faulty user experience.

This latest outage is a classic case of putting ‘too many eggs in very few baskets’, or as described- “what happens when half of the internet relies on Goliaths like Amazon, Google and Fastly”(by Gaz Jones from Digital Agency Think3). Even the largest clouds are still exposed to a potential point of failure. Perhaps if the internet were based on more ‘baskets’, and was a bit more decentralized, such issues could be prevented.

The world is in fact moving into that direction, a growing trend of decentralized systems, as seen with cryptocurrencies, solar panels and originally even the world wide web. This is a concept of citizen science, a method utilizing the people to achieve a synergetic, distributed network that minimizes the chance of reaching a single point of failure. Multi-cloud strategy is based on that decentralized methodology as well. It is even safe to say that a multi cloud strategy could prevent the next connectivity outage for those content companies.


Multi-cloud strategy for WAN services

WAN (Wide Area Network) as a service companies strategizing a multi cloud architecture are designed for a synergetic, decentralized methodology. Multi-cloud allows WAN providers to avoid caching of the data stored on a single nearest spot, so in case it fails, the whole network wouldn’t collapse. In order to achieve the best performance, multi vendors in different capacities are utilized.

The power of vendors

Deploying a decentralized multi-cloud network is not only optimal for stable connectivity and security, but it’s also cost efficient. Multi-cloud providers partnering with multiple cloud vendors in different scopes enables better pricing for their customers. Yet this without compromising on the performance. Since multi-cloud platforms are not dependent on a single cloud provider, they can guarantee their clients are getting flawless secured connectivity without exceeding one’s IT budgets.

Teridion’s synergy of the multi cloud

Teridion is a great case of achieving immense WAN power by implementing a multi cloud strategy. To achieve that, we deployed 25 cloud providers, more than 500 connection points, and thousands of sensors that each of these sensors samples datacenter connectivity and performance. Teridion’s platform contains 2 plane types: The data plane and control plane. The data plane is the network of Teridion Cloud Routers for the data traffic itself, whereas the control plane is the Teridion agents that report from each datacenter towards the Teridion orchestrator the network measurement, so Teridion orchestrator makes the decision about the optimal path for the customer. Teridion utilizes its AI algorithm to orchestrate both the data plane, and the control plane seamlessly, securing a superior cloud-based global connectivity.

We recently also successfully deployed our SD-WAN services for a West-European business partner, serving its customers in different locations. Prior to our partnership, the business faced poor performance, connectivity issues from China Mainland, yet paid for high-cost solutions. Our European partner now has several sites across multiple continents, all getting the full Teridion connectivity experience.

Since the deployed Teridion Network is based on multiple clouds, the optimum network performance is easily reached, granting a synergic multi-cloud capability. Thanks to our solution, the channel partner enhanced its performance and the connection stability, as well as reduced packet loss in a very cost-effective manner.

If your company or your customers are experiencing unstable or poor connectivity, caused by your cloud provider or by any other network solutions, don’t wait for the next internet outage to knock on your door.  Whether your company’s tech stack is based on SaaS, Audio/Video Streaming, RDP/VDI Data/File transfer, backup, remote access and more, our experts would be happy to guide you through our multi-cloud platform.

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