Welcome to Tomorrow!

Team Teridion

It’s October 2015. No hoverboards yet. No flying cars.

But at least the internet can fly at super speed!

Today we announce the general availability of the Teridion Global Cloud Network.  The network allows content provders, using any technology, to deliver super fast service to their customers..  We want applications to just work, so developers can code to their vision, as opposed to the limitations of a decades-old architecture.

This is the tomorrow of networking.

Why did we do this; why have we been working on this for over five years?

Face it – the Internet is broken.  And I’m not talking about security, or your local cable operator.  It is the middle route that’s a mess.  Cloud-based file, video, voice, and gaming providers have no way of providing their users with the Quality of Experience (QoE) they expect.  This QoE is vital when building additional loyalty and upsell. CDNs, deployed widely for two decades now, only are a partial fix, more for Web traffic, and only for the download, while WAN acceleration are limited to enterprises.

Today, we all develop really cool apps.

Over the past three quarters we’ve deployed our solution at some of the largest cloud companies, with more on the way.  They’ve helped us to scale, to enhance, and ultimately to build a better and more complete product.  And some, like Egnyte and Lexifone, have become loyal customers.

I can’t say enough about the small team that has brought our vision to life, and our early customers who have worked with us to realize this vision.  A vision that breaks out of the past, redefining networking via the cloud and big-data analytics through a more fluid, scalable, and secure approach.

This is only the beginning.

We’ll build on early successes by continuing to demonstrate scale and performance improvements across any geography, any application, and any last-mile technology.   Our architecture will see deployment in gaming networks, finance, healthcare, and other services where a premium offering is critical.  Our long-term vision is to even extend the technology into the service provider space and downward to the CPE.

That is the future.  

Near-term, our promise is to continue to innovate, to do our customers proud.  We look forward to seeing what the furure holds.

Welcome to Tomorrow!


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