Active-Active Tunnels

Active-Active Tunnels

Why you should no longer trust the Internet’s Mood for your sites and applications

One can only assume the many times your sites and business applications have been affected by network factors due to the ‘Internet’s Mood’, such as outages, gateway’s bandwidth limitations, sudden congestion by load spikes, link failures, infrastructure, and Internet Service Provider issues. This is a part of a rising trend for global sites and business applications to require higher bandwidth than ever needed before.

Load Balancing is a known available industry solution to handle such issues for the site’s tunnels – an efficient method to distribute traffic across multiple tunnels. Load Balancing is based on the Active-Active feature. Active-Active feature enables each site to have more than one active tunnel at a time, as it ensures high availability and redundancy.

Although this solution may sound promising, there are some challenging aspects to consider before migrating to a load balancing solution – Is it quick and easy to deploy? Is it reliable?  Is the solution cost effective?
Teridion’s managed SD-WAN service now also includes Active-Active solution, that tackles all three challenges –



Easy to deploy

Active-Active feature by Teridion offers Zero-Touch configuration and deployment, enabling an easily defined End-to-End solution. This way, there is no need to manually define edge-device tunnel transmission. Teridion’s Active-Active automatically identifies the tunnel with the best performing route, which results high performance and efficient bandwidth consumption.



Teridion’s Active-Active capability is based on its market proven premium internet platform which delivers high availability and redundancy as a standard.


Cost Effective

Whilst a bandwidth purchase is a common industry solution, it is known to be heavy on resources and deployment, whereas Teridion’s Active-Active is ensured to align with businesses’ IT budget.

Once Teridion Active-Active feature is enabled, sites and business applications will have the following capabilities:

1. Optimized traffic routing.

2. Maximize traffic throughput.

3. Leverage multiple ISPs feature.

Moreover, each active tunnel can be managed and monitored separately and can benefit load balancing capabilities with any device, any site, anytime, anywhere.

Teridion platform allows a prompt setup of up to 4 active-active tunnels at once: 2 VPN gateways per site, assuming dual ISP mode is on, along with 2 Teridion Cloud Routers as illustrated below.


The infrastructure above ensures tunnels redundancy for your sites and business applications.

You can get yourself prepared for the upcoming Internet’s moody issues, by deploying the best practice solution offered by Teridion. Teridion’s Active-Active feature will ensure site reachability and easy load balancing deployment, anytime, anywhere.

Do you believe that your sites and business applications deserve maximum availability and redundancy? Teridion believes in it as well.

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