Infrastructure Developer

Teridion Sales Engineers focus on the technical aspects of the sales cycle during the pre-sales process, from prospecting to closure. They must be able to understand prospects’ technical issues and explain the benefits of Teridion services/solutions to meet their technical and/or business goals within their architecture/environment. During the process, they will need to educate prospects, customers, and partners via technical presentations, whiteboard sessions, emails with diagrams, etc. in person and/or online. They own Proof of Concept evaluation accounts and work closely with internal OPS, Engineering and Sales teams for provisioning, configuring, troubleshooting, analyzing, presenting the results and driving it to the eventual close-win.

Top performers will have extensive communication and relationship skills, giving them the ability to alter their presentation style to meet the needs of their audience, explaining complex solutions and systems in easily understood terminology that builds trust with prospects. They are experts in networking, web based applications, and performance tools. Successful candidates will be results-oriented, self-starters, capable of understanding/solving complex technical problems.  They can effectively articulate Teridion solutions externally and prospects’ architecture/requirements internally. They are the eyes and ears of Teridion in the field who help strategize our company’s current/future products by providing feedback to Product Management and engineering teams to improve the match between the customer needs and the available Teridion solutions.

We are currently looking for an Automation Engineer to join our team!

We are looking for a strong and passionate Automation Engineer with QA background to be a part of the growing Teridion team. The successful candidate will work in a fast-paced environment as a member of a SCRUM team and will be responsible for delivering high quality deliverables.

We are currently looking for a DevOps Developer to join our Ops team!

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