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Teridion Announces Deep Integration with Cisco Meraki MX

Teridion Announces Deep Integration with Cisco Meraki MX

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Today, we’ve announced that Teridion’s public cloud-based WAN service now has deep integration with Cisco Meraki’s MX line of security and SD-WAN appliances.

The Teridion WAN service is now a snap in addition to Cisco Meraki WAN deployments. Current and new Cisco Meraki customers can simply and easily add Teridion’s WAN service and its route optimization and protocol acceleration capabilities to the SD-WAN capabilities of MX appliances.

Sure, that sounds cool, but let me tell you what it really means.

Teridion’s cloud based WAN service

Teridion’s cloud based WAN service provides two key capabilities for any Cisco Meraki customer:

  • It accelerates TCP based applications like file transfers, backups, and page loads, by as much as 3X to 5X. That’s a 300 to 500% improvement!
  • It improves network performance for UDP based applications like Voice, Video, RDP, and VDI. Enterprises can get carrier grade performance over broadband and DIA Internet. Depending on the locations of the sites, you can expect to see a 15 to 30% reduction in latency. That’s the difference between a great quality video conference and an unworkable, choppy mess.

This, on its own, is pretty exciting.

But what makes this announcement with Cisco Meraki so big, and so important, is that together, we can deliver this level of performance not just between sites, but also for SaaS and cloud applications.

UCaaS, video conferencing, CRMs, Content Collaboration, Cloud based VDI, workloads or cloud based storage running in public cloud providers- all of these applications get a performance boost from Teridion and Cisco Meraki.

It’s like the SaaS apps and cloud workloads are sites on your WAN. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s all cloud managed.

Our Partnership with Meraki

Everything you need to know about this deep integration and our partnership with Meraki, including videos, whitepapers, and how to buy, you can find here.